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Yuri Ushigome: With music, there's no right and wrong. Everyone's going to have a different answer.
Hikari Tsutsui: Love is hard. There's never any proper answer.
Yatora Yaguchi: There's so little time and no right answer.
Manta Oyamada: There are all kinds of people in the world, and all kinds of dreams. They clash with each other. They laugh, and they cry. I wonder how many of them accomplish their dreams. And how many of them are actually happy once their dreams do come true? I doubt that anyone really knows. Because you always have to decide what the answer is for yourself.
Makima: Did you forget? You're my pet. Only answer with "yes" or "woof." I don't need a dog who says "no."
To Denji.
Fukuda Tatsuya: You should be the one to find the answers. If you work something out on your own, you'll never, ever forget it.

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