Quotes tagged with "coffee" (best)

Aki: This place has good coffee.
Denji: Oh yeah? I've never had coffee before. Gross! This stuff is muddy water!
Power: What a fool! A kid wouldn't appreciate the taste of coffee! (...) Hrlp...! Ditchwater!!
Aki: Shut up! Be quier inside the restaurant!
Denji: Hey! You tricked us! This is mud!
Power: 'Tis ditchwater you drink!!
Yatora Yaguchi: What am I doing? I tried to force myself to get excited, knowing coffee would make me drunk. I'm so miserable.
Yoh Asakura: What is this? It's so bitter!
About coffee.
Ruri Aoki: Starbucks is scary. The last time I walked in there, everyone was on laptops and tablets. I was scared stiff. They all seemed so cool with their interesting lives. I was ashamed to be stinking up the place with my sad fashion sense!!

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