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Mytho: When I'm alone, it's so dark and so cold.
Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a happy prince. The happy prince knew no painful past and he knew no painful future. One day, the prince obtained a comforting warmth. However, this warmth emanated not only tranquility, but also unhappiness, pain, and loneliness.
Duck: Wow, what beautiful eyes. I feel like I'll get drawn in. But they look so lonely.
Lee Pyron: No one can live life alone. Those who think of nothing but their own gain ultimately end up lonely, withering away by themselves!
Ko Yamori: This is different from wandering around... looking for Nazuna. I don't usually feel lonely when I'm alone. I feel lonely when I'm with people. Is it like that for other people? Maybe... this feels different... because it isn't random. It's a meaningful solitude.
Rin Shima: I didn't notice it during the day, but when the town lights are hone, it's kinda lonely.
Chloe Morisu: If I get too accustomed to being around everyone, will I start to feel afraid to be alone?
Kenji Yamaguchi: You can't feel lonely if there's no one else around.

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