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Shinpachi: Tama may look like an adult, but she was created a short while ago, so she should get one?
Tama: Yes, it says on Wikipedia that I was born on August 16th, 2007.
Shinpachi: What's that? Wikipedia exists in this world?
Kagami: There's been more and more spam lately. It's a pain.
Konata: Oh, you should change your text address to something that isn't too obvious. I changed mine too.
Kagami: Something that isn't obvious? Like what?
Konata: My address is iluvgirlsinglasses in English characters. I would have preferred something like "maid", but addresses like maid-san and miko-san are so popular that...
Kaguya: Hayasaka! Come quick!
Hayasaka: What is it?
Kaguya: The Internet is broken!
Iron Man: Are you angry we didn't invite you? We can't exactly send mail to Asgard.
To Thor.

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