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Leda: If we were all the same, it would be pointless. For one to be beautiful, there must be those who make them stand out. If you're not coveted and envied, how will you feel the value of beauty? And with value, the one who grants it stands out.
Ryuji Ayukawa: Is there something not normal about wanting to look cute? To look pretty? What's not normal about a man wanting another man? But underneath it all... Maybe my wants are the only things that protect me.
Rue: She's blessed with beauty, cleverness, and strength, but the thing is, the princess is fated never to be with her prince. The moment she confesses her love, she turns into a speck of light and vanishes.
Myōga: According to rumors, those two brothers devour pretty girls immediately!
Shippō: Is that true?! What'll we do? Does that mean Kagome has already...
Inuyasha: Stupid! What's pretty about Kagome?
Shippō: What?! Are you totally blind?!
Myōga: Yes, I think she's very pretty, too.
Shippō: I'll bet she's already been eaten! It's all my fault!
Myōga: "Pretty woman, short life." What a wise saying.
Kanade Ōe: I believe crying in the embarrassment is the sign of a beautiful soul.
Aoyama: Why is her face the shape it is? Why is it that looking at her face fills me with joy? Why is it that the face that brings me joy was molded perfectly by genetics and exists here, now? It was my first time experiencing this strange feeling, so I found it difficult to describe in words.
Kaim: Silene. Even covered in blood... you are the vision of beauty.
Kirsch Vermillion: I'm still beautiful, even when I'm covered in blood.
Femio: No word is more unsuited to me than "fear." Well, if there were just one thing I feared... I suppose it would be my own beauty.
Shuichi Akai: The great actress Sharon Vineyard was famous for her performance in the play "Golden Apple". You're as beautiful as you were back then... but inside you're wrinkled and rotten!
To Vermouth.

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