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Rider (Alexander the Great): It appears this man, Clinton, will be a formidable opponent. Likely to put up a better fight than Darius III.
Jet Black: That's really unique, Faye. That a mughshot or your version of Picasso?
About Faye's composite sketch.
Yūgo Hachiken: How can I face everyone? I'm basically Tokugawa Hidetada... The man who didn't make it in time to the Battle of Sekigahara.
Dr. Hell: Alexander the Great, Napoleon and Hitler. They all wanted to conquer the world, and failed. But not me! I will make sure not to repeat the same mistakes!
Haibara Ai: Because if I vanish as the dew of the guillotine, like Marie... Maybe this dog, just like loved dog, Tisby, would come after me and throw itself in the seine river...?
About a dog held by her.
Boris Tepes Dracula: My ancestor, Vlad Tepes Dracula, was a mere mortal. In fact, he was a hero who protected his homeland from a great enemy. Yet despite what he did for them, the foolish and weak-minded masses made him out to be an imaginary beast. A vampire.
Kublai: We are not barbarians!! We're honorable thousand soldiers of the Mongolian Imperial Army!! Anyone who violates the discipline will be cut down!! And the rule of you thousand men is I, Kublai!!
Anita Hailey: If I died at the gullotine like Marie... maybe Doyle would drown herself in the river seine like Marie's dog Thisbe.
To Doyle, a dog held by her.

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