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Shūya Nanahara: Monsters aren't born, Kawada... monsters are made!
Shinya Nakamura: Is it impossible for a monster like me to pretend to live like a human?
Gabimaru: I am Gabimaru the Hollow! I'm a heartless monster! Try as I might, I can never be human!
Azumi: If I don't do something, I'll go crazy. I feel like I'm going to turn into a love monster!
Shinpachi: Well, you already are a monster, I guess.
Though I devour the five lands and drink the three oceans dry, I am powerless against the sky, for I have neither wings, nor legs, nor hands. I am the world snake. My name is Jormungand.
Broly: So, another worm has come here to die?
Piccolo: Hmph, do as you like, you freak!
Broly: I am a freak? Not so. I am a devil!
Leona: If the alternative is to live as monsters, then let us starve to death as a humans!
Dai: The monsters never excluded me just because I wasn't a monster. But humans won't accept me unless I'm also a human.
José Rodríguez: Weird how in a village with all these monsters... the scariest is a human.
Crocodine: A monster shouldn't be drinking with humans.
Baduck: A hero is a hero no matter their race!
Finn Deimne: We're taking down that monster. I ask you, do you have the courage? What do your eyes see? Fear? Despair? Destruction? All I see is an enemythat must be defeated, and a path to victory! We never needed a path to retreat. This spear of minewill carve open a path forward. In the name of Pallum Goddess Fiana, I promise you victory! Follow me!
Yuki Cross: Eyes with a bloodcolored luster... Fangs protruding obscenely from his lips... A beast in human form. This is his true self.
Yuuna: Could it be that these little things are the monster tentacles from yesterday? A cute little thing like this will eventually turn into a monster like that.
Kogarashi: Nah, these are normal spotted garden eels.
Reverto: I was sure my time was up. After a while, I heard the whistle of the wind, the roar of water. The wind was my own breath, and the water my blood flowing. I was alive. When I finally sat up, the defeated beast lay sprawled beside me. For a second, I was confused: Was I the monster, or was the monster me? That's how much I had become one with the monster's movements. At that moment, I was part of nature, part of that forest. One more beast, no different from the monster. "Be the forest, be the beast": I felt like I'd begun to understand what those words meant. Neither monsters, nor Hunters. We become the forest, become the beast, and as Hunters, become one with the monsters and live our lives with their blessing.
Song Chi-yul: We cannot enforce the law on S-Rank hunters. They are both miraculous and catastrophic beings. I suggest you lay low, because a monster feared by other monsters might be on the hunt for you.
About Hwang Dongsoo.
Far in the future, beyond the end of history, myths are resurrected. They are... terata. They are... giganto.
Leon McNichol: A monster should at least look like a monster.

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