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Ayano: That wheedling voice that completely lacks sincerity irritates me!
Shu: I don't think I've change how i speak at all though.
Ayano: What I mean is, you always have irritated me!
Hatsuka: You talk tough and make dirty jokes because you don't know how to be honest about your feelings.
Nazuna: That's... not it... The truth is... I love dirty jokes!!
Hatsuka: Not the big confession I was hoping for...
Yuzuriha: Your whole life, you've been lying to yourself, yeah? It's the end of the road, so be honest now... Go ahead and think about whatever you want. Your family? A pet cat, maybe? Or a lover you left behind? Picture yourself pressed against her. And pass on within that beautiful vision.
Aoi Ashito: I can't lie about who I am. I'm confident, so I say I'm confident. If I don't wanna do something, I'll flat out say I don't. That's why I was an outcast on every team I joined. But... These guys accepted me for who I am.
Hao Asakura: That's reality for you. You can't be surprised by anything happening at any time in this world. Nothing is unfeasible. Anyone, however important, can die from the slightest thing. And no matter how hard you've worked, it can all come to nothing, just like that. Then there are those who never lift a finger but are content for life thanks to the dumb luck they were born with. Doesn't it seem so stupid to deal with that with full sincerity? That's why in the end, it doesn't matter.

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