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King Romos: The gods offer no miracles to those who retreat!
Bulma: If you're a god, don't get mad over a little pudding, idiot!
Puri: What's a Kami-sama?
Bavaro: Kami-sama's Kami-sama.
Puri: So what's a Kami-sama?!
Cooky: He's a wonderful person!
Crepe: More wonderful than Daddy?
Cooky: You could say that.
Donuts: More wonderful than Mom?
Choco: No, he's less than her!
Donuts: Wow! Mom's really wonderful!
Light Yagami: I am going to be the God of the new world!
Hachiman Hikigaya: It's said that if you change, the world changes with you, but that's not true. When people evaluate others, it's through prejudice and existing impressions. People who are alone are pressured to stay alone. If they work hard to stand out in something, it only becomes ammo to use against them. That's the lousy rule of the world of kids. The question: The world does not change. One can change oneself. How, then, does one change? The answer: Become the god of a new world.
Fritz Joseph Bittenfeld: The goddess of victory is waving her underwear in your faces!
Beerus: I'm a very generous god. But there's just one thing I absolutely cannot stand. And that is the insensitivity of people who won't give me my due respect!
L: This isn't divine judgment, it's the work of some childish killer who's playing at divine retribution, that's all.
Though I devour the five lands and drink the three oceans dry, I am powerless against the sky, for I have neither wings, nor legs, nor hands. I am the world snake. My name is Jormungand.
Light Yagami: In every world, the God's always make the rules. ... You will fall before my fake rules, and for the sin of going against the new world's God, die.
Aza Chobe: Think I give a damn about all these sins?! When you're the ones who came up with that crap?! All of you, slaves to doing things right and proper! Just damned puppets without desires of your own! Well, I ain't gonna listen to that garbage anymore. From now on, I'm doing things my way!! I'm my own master! I'm my own god!!
Yato: Concepts such as right and wrong don't apply to gods. Do you know why? Because every action a god makes is righteous.
Yato: I'm supposed to be a god of war. So why am I replacing rubber seals and cleaning out mold for chump change?
Iron Maiden Jeanne: The world is currently cloaked in colossal darkness. Morality has been lost. Wickedness runs rampant. People commit sin upon sin and do nothing but hurt one another. I want to amend that. I want the pain and the sin to be gone. That's why I swore to our god I would bear all of that with my own body. If he would grant me the power to save the world, I would become an Iron Maiden myself and carry the burden of the people's crime and suffering. So that the world may know peace!
Largo: Human beings... how vulgar! For the crime of injuring me, a god... I demand, as atonement, death.
Ryuji Ayukawa: People can't compare themselves to gods.
Richter: God of Barm, supreme being of the universe. Let the souls of those who have died gloriously in combat reach thy noble side. Grant them the eternal rest they deserve. And let their deaths serve to bring Barm to further greatness.
Yu Ominae: Our science can be pretty amazing, but nothing can stand up against the power of nature. Apparently, not even a civilization of gods.
Iron Maiden Jeanne: Laws are rules for life itself. They are natural and inherent to the universe. The pheasant chick who doesn't heed his mother's word cannot sense danger and will be taken by the hawk. The wicked bloodline of the wolf who abandons mother and cubs will end when those cubs starve to death. In nature, those who break the rules are in the wrong and are doomed. However, human society has become complicated, and people can no longer entrust themselves to nature's providence. That's why they need laws. Absolute laws, divinely enforced. In the 1700 BCE, the human race's first laws were handed down by our God of Justice, Shamash.
Yu Ominae: You say you wanna change the world, and you justify it by invoking God. But you do actually know, don't you? God is just an excuse people use to run away from their sins. You are no God. You're... human! Which means that the future of humanity will always be decided by us humans.
To MacDougall.
Uryu Kamihate: I'm not so desperate to turn to a god for help.
Ghuul: You might say that to know the limits of humanity is akin to worshiping God.

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