Quotes tagged with "insult" (best)

Iron Maiden Jeanne: Insulting others is the root of evil.
Reinhard von Lohengramm: What do they think people are? Assuming it's a matter of course to rule over them. Stealing from people and insulting people... yet they say it's their privilege to be forgiven?! Those people are corrupt! This empire is corrupt!
Chaozu: You suck at insulting people, Ten.
Tenshinhan: Apologies.
Boruto: I'm not gonna let Shino Sensei live the rest of his life in obscurity, even though he doesn't stand out.
Metal: That's my line, Boruto! No longer will I allow my unnoticeable papa remain unnoticed!
Shikadai: Aren't you guys kinda dissing them?

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