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Fisher Tiger: I don't want to survive off of that kind of blood! It's dirty blood! That blood has hate for all fishmen flowing within it! I don't want to owe anything to that blood, or to humans! I won't give in to humans! I didn't want to tell you this, but on my last voyage... all that time, I wasn't on a voyage, I was captured! I spent years... at Mariejois. I was a slave! What I saw there was human madness! I just barely escaped with my life... But I couldn't just abandon all the other slaves I saw before me. Listen closely... I've always lived by my beliefs and as a result, I truly made things hard for Queen Otohime's ambitions! But she's right! We should all be at peace with eachother! But the ones that can really change things are the ones like Koala who don't know anything of the "next era"! So please! Don't tell our island anything about this! Not of the tragedy that has befallen us, or our rage towards the humans! This world is full of kind-hearted humans! This, I know! But they're a dying breed! Soon, all that will be left in this world is hate! Isn't it ridiculous?! My head knows all this, but a demon has taken over my heart! My body... would reject that blood! I've tried, but after all this... I just can't ever love a human!
Alvin: Just so you know, my adventurer rank isn't very high. So don't get your hopes up!
Carla: Don't worry! My hopes were low from the start!
Grimmer: In the end, the only one you can trust is yourself.
Azuma: Fairy Tail... Their weapons lay not in their magical power, but in their incredible faith that they can transform and wield like blades.
Light Yagami: I'll make you trust me. And when you've told me everything I need to know, I'll kill you.
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Sunny: Are you saying Toriko'll lose? Believe. It's a beautiful thing.
Akira Akatsuki: I'm sure strength isn't just the power to fight. It's about thinking about each other, and trusting each other. That's how we can always stay tough, no matter what comes our way. That's what true strength is!
Shin Hyuga Shaing: Belief in others is an illusion concocted by the clever to exploit the stupid.
Mars: I am not your enemy. Trust me.
Asta: How am I supposed to believe a guy with an evil face like yours?!
Mars: And my name is Mars, you shrimp.
Asta: Wait, your mouth's nasty now, too!
Faust VIII: Why not trust them? If your friends are dear to you, the best way you can help them in the Shaman Fight is by having faith in them.
Matamune: By "heart," I mean a heart that is not a slave to the reality before you, but one that believes to the end.
Matamune: The long history of the darkness that haunts people's hearts continues to repeat itself. Some are dragged into wars. Others carry sadness with them. And there are countless other earthly burdens people must bear. The cause of all of that heartbreak is simply the inability to trust one another. Rather than believing you will be betrayed and acting with hostility preemptively, people would find themselves happier if they don't succumb to harboring suspicion. That is what love is.
Joco McDonnell: Our thoughts are strong as long as we believe!
Duck: If Fakir journeys down the path he believes in, I think he won't regret it, no matter what the outcome. Why not have faith in Fakir?

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