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escape  ·  retreat, get away, run away

King Romos: The gods offer no miracles to those who retreat!
Bardock: A Saiyan would rather die than run from an enemy!!
Vegeta: When I was on Earth, I learned something interesting from them.
Cui: What, how to run away quickly?
Dyspo: You can't hit me! Sorry, but I'm the fastest in all the universes.
Frieza: So, your specialty is running away.
Conan Edogawa: Don't run away, Haibara. Don't run away from your fate.
Thorfinn: Your power saves many people and torments a few. That is what it does. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I have no right to criticize your absurdity. So all I can do...is run. To a place where your power cannot reach.
To Canute.

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