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Lovis: If it arrived on earth to the sound of a song, then it'll grow up to be jolly.
Bartender: People's feelings are in music. It has a history. It's basically life itself.
Isao Kondo: We were probably blending rap and rock to sing for peace on Earth.
Kagura: Sounds like Rocky.
Gintoki: She's playing a Rocky-ish theme.
Kagura: It's similar, but...
Gintoki: It's the stuff adults worry about, you know, like getting into trouble if you use the real theme. But why Rocky?!
Gengai: Just hearing it motivates you.
Kotaro Katsura: It's not rap, it's Katsurap, yo.
Misaki: While this guy listens to music, he has the cognitive power to input that song as MP3 data in real time.
Sagan: No matter what kind of despair may come down upon us, there are those strong enough to climb up and play the timbre of life.
Dehdeh: The whales sing the song of the stars, and the wind carries the memories of the ocean. We've taken the messages from those memories and passed them down through songs and poems. But words are only able to capture a fraction of the language of the wind, just like a sail.
Kenji Asahina: Music is the light that shines upon people's hearts.
Lenny: I believe music is something that will bring happiness to everyone. I believe that's the same for every generation. It brings hearts together, softens pain, gives us courage, and connects us to tomorrow.
Destiny: I was born from music itself.
Iron Man: A rock-n'-roller once said this: "A heavy life breeds heavy music." But Tony Stark says this: "A heavy armor breeds a heavy hitter." I'll teach you that now. It's time to rock!
Yuri Ushigome: With music, there's no right and wrong. Everyone's going to have a different answer.
Takt Asahina: Music will save the world.
Yoh Asakura: What I want is to listen to my favorite music every day and live an easy life.
Takt Asahina: You feel bad? For a piano? What are you talking about? I'm sure the piano is honored to have someone like me play it.
Takt: Are we having a functional conversation? When did you learn that trick?
Destiny: I am growing day by day. I am fundamentally different from you, Maestro, who only whines about music day in and day out.
Manta Oyamada: Shaman or not, he's so full of himself. He doesn't even study, listens to whatever music he likes, stares at the stars, and stares at rivers... I really wish I could do those things too.
About Yoh.
Takt Asahina: D2s loathe the sounds that humans create. Especially music that has amazing harmony and rhythm. The more exquisite the piece, the more unbearable it is to them, so they'll seek to destroy it. Now, let the recital begin.

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