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Lon Beruk: No matter how powerful the weapon, if the wielder is a dud, then it's nothing but an ornament.
Goblin Slayer: Imagination is a weapon. Those who lack it are first to die.
Mayu Oba: Techniques and knowledge are powerful weapons. But if you don't use them right, your art will lack punch. You have fewer weapons than non-first timers, but at the same time, you are unburdened and lithe. That's the strength of new graduates. The key is trial and error, trial and error, and trial and error. Just do your best.
Lon Beruk: This sword is being made for you! It's being given life for you! It's not a normal weapon! It has a soul! When it answers your soul and accepts you as its wielder, it will unleash the world's greatest power! That's why you must bear witness to its birth!
To Dai.
Welf Crozzo: A weapon is part of its wielder. No matter how bad things get, your weapon will never betray you.
Yatora Yaguchi: Popular things all have some strengths. I too want a strength, a weapon of my own.
Bowman: This planet could swallow up and wash away all the prosperity the human intellect has wrought as though it were nothing. No human love or hatred will remain, but life and its workings will. You and I are but single parts of that. And that's why you and I are able to stand upon this earth. Why we can look upon this landscape. And yet, people continue to dig up the past, hungry to reclaim the prosperity of bygone years. After the ancient artifacts were used to gain power, after they were made into weapons, they will be turned on this land before us.
Maine: You don't fly your crib without cover from now on. You feel me, dawg? Every single day you check: wallet, cock sock, and your damn iron.
To David.
Katsuo Aihara: Do you think anything has changed in the history of war since ancient Roman times? People have always tried to force their beliefs on others, so they take turns invading and being invaded. People don't change for the better. The only things that have changed are science and technology, so the only progress you see is in weaponry.

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