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Amidamaru: Everyone lives with worries, and they are not few in number. But what matters is how you overcome those worries and fears. Your philosophy that things will work out in the end... I believe you are quite right to have that courage.
Chocolove McDonell: Living with no fear of death is the same as giving up on life. That isn't true courage.
Mikazuki Subaru: I can't change the past. The same moments from before won't come back. If I reach out my hand... There's someone who'll grasp it for me. When those two hands join, new courage is born, and beyond that, there must be something I can change.
Rachel Moore: Courage is a word that gives you the strength to do what's right.
Mayu Oba: You have some guts, Yaguchi!
About Yaguchi's painting.
Daikichi Nakaoka: That idiot! Does he really think it takes courage to go to war?! I don't care if people call me a coward or a traitor. What takes real courage is to value life — your own and everybody's!
Jodie Starling: She already has something I didn't have back then. Something potentially dangerous that could cause a lot of trouble. But something that inspires courage too.
About Anita.
Drosselmeyer: If you're the knight, you have to conquer your fears and defeat the villain. If you're the villain, you have to kill the princess without mercy. If you're the princess, you have to save the prince with the power of your love. If you're the prince, you have to use your wisdom and courage... Whoops, that's not possible.

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