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Gildarts: Wait a second! You're...
Cana: I know it's a lot to just accept...
Gildarts: Whose kid are you? Sara? Naomi? Claire? Feena? Mary? Eliza? No, no... The hair color's off... Emma, Lyra, Jean, Sydney, Kate, Yuko, Francoise...
Cana: You old geezer! How many flings have you had?!
Gildarts: I-I know! You're the spitting image of Sylvia! Like, you're the same sex!
Weiss Schnee: In the name of Big Nicholas and the great Schnee Family, all of you fools will receive... judgment!
Sakura: Is there anything you'd like me to bring you?
Sarada: A dad... might be nice.
Yukio: I know I'm not what they think an ideal child should be... But the fact that you two think that means it's likely I think you're not exactly ideal parents, either.
Yang Wen-li: Kids grow by exploiting adults.
Alex Cazerne: Learning to retreat and letting one's wife win is the secret to maintaining familial harmony.
Minato Namikaze: Even though you won't have much time with him, there are some things only you as his mother can tell Naruto. Things that I can't. That's a mother's role. I'm not doing this just for you. I'm doing this for Naruto. I will gladly die for my son. It's my duty as his father.
Lampo: The Guardian of the Lightning Ring draws damage to himself and away from the rest of the Family, serving as a lightning rod.
Gale Glory: I can't show myself this way in front of my son. The father is always strong!
Osa: Behold, young Gabimaru. Look upon weakness. Your parents indulged in sentiment. That, in itself, made them weak. If you're not strong, you won't be capable of protecting anything. Such as children... and all else that is dear to us.
Gaara: Boruto is just like you, and yet so unlike you. He's smarter than you were when you were young.
To Naruto.
Yu Ominae: Like I give a damn about the end of humanity. The world is messed up, but everything important to me, my friends and allies, they're all here.
Kakashi Hatake: You possess the Mangekyo Sharingan, but it seems you can't even peer into your own daughter's feelings.
To Sasuke.
Oikawa Ayako: Having a supportive family is also an important part of talent.
Takuan Sōhō: So you want to die honorably? A warrior's death? You're being selfish. Each and every person you killed had his own life. Whether that life was blessed or not, everyone is born into this world. They grow up...Some people have families. Some are alone in this world. Some have young children. Some are engaged. Some have pets. Some people have high hopes and great dreams. Others have no ambition at all. You ended everything for them, Takezō. You killed them.

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