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Kiri: That's what it means for a person to grow up. Embarrass yourself often, regret all kinds of things, and please, become a beautiful woman.
Yang Wen-li: Kids grow by exploiting adults.
Masami Eiri: Mankind is a creature that no longer evolves, is it not? Compared to other animals, the cancer rate in man is exceedingly small. One theory says that man is a neoteny and is no longer able to evolve. If this is true, then what an absurd creature man has evolved into. Not knowing what it is that drives them they keep their bodies merely to satisfy the desires of the flesh. They're worthless, don't you think? That's all mankind is.
Konohamaru Sarutobi: Not wanting to lose... that determination makes one mature.
Masako Saeki: You're a third year now. A day in the life of a highschooler is like an entire week for an adult. Go find daily inspiration in all manner of things and grow!
Konoha B. Nanase: If you only show a child things that have been edited to your biases, will they grow up to be a good person? If you show them an unfiltered world, will they grow up to be bad?
Mikihisa Asakura: For when someone abandons doubt, they abandon growth!
Fukuda Tatsuya: If you grow up based on someone else's plan, you won't amount to anything.
Chidori Amagami: If you keep staring at the same thing for hours on end, eventually your eyeballs will get tired, no? You need to rest your mind and body from time to time! And it's important to expand your horizons, too!
Godai Chizuru: Embarrassment and stubbornness are enemies of growth.
Yatora Yaguchi: Of course it's impossible to understand everything about art. Highbrow... High barriers to entry... Maybe it doesn't need to be like that. Thinking "I don't really get it," used to stop me in my tracks... But just now, I took a small step.
Iron Man: Don't take him lightly! Akira is evolving faster than the speed of light! He grows by going through hardships, and can turn any negative into a positive!
Murao Jumpei: It's true that I'm a wild monkey compared to you, and I'm knee-deep in basic training. But you know, while you keep hiding in your room, I'm gonna get better than you.

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