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Acier Silva: As a Magic Knight, once you decide you're going to step out onto the battlefield, you fight for the people and your kingdom without thinking twice about risking your life, right? In a similar way, once a woman has a child in her belly, she will try to protect that baby's life at any cost. That's what it means to be a mother.
Puri: What's a Kami-sama?
Bavaro: Kami-sama's Kami-sama.
Puri: So what's a Kami-sama?!
Cooky: He's a wonderful person!
Crepe: More wonderful than Daddy?
Cooky: You could say that.
Donuts: More wonderful than Mom?
Choco: No, he's less than her!
Donuts: Wow! Mom's really wonderful!
Kouichiro Iketani: I'd like to go on a drive with a girl like that. It's a day off, and I get to go on the highway, but it's my mom in the passenger seat. It's a megaton of misery...
Ayase Tsukasa: Why am I just spinning my wheels? If only I was like Mom who was someone who could make everyone smile. Someone who treated everyone as equals, without distinguishing. But, I have failed.

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