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Toppo: We're done playing the hero. There's no justice or evil. There is only either survival or erasure.
Melida Angel: My tutor taught me something: "Keep in mind all the possible options your surroundings offer when you fight. Do whatever's necessary to survive, even if it means tearing the world apart."
Mia Grand: When you're just starting out, put all your energy into surviving. No matter how pathetic you feel, or how people laugh at you, if you come back alive, you win.
Aza Toma: The law of this world isn't that the strong eat weak. Survival of the fittest, sure, but what makes one fit is adaptation.
Father: Since the beginning, the world has always been the same. Believers are played for fools. Life isn't worth much. The weak are oppressed. If you lose, you die. If you win, you get to live. The animals. The insects. Even the grass and flowers are in a savage fight for survival. And I really...really hate the whole business.
Kanata Hoshijima: Survival tip number five: If you give up, it's game over.

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