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Nazuna: Okay, let's sleep.
Ko: You're gonna do dirty stuff to me?!
Nazuna: Huh? Nothing dirty. Just a guy and a girl, sleeping on the same futon.
Yui: Following your heart will make you a true warrior.
Jaune Arc: My dad said all that women look for in a man is confidence. Where did I go wrong?
Genzō Soga: "Because I'm a man" is such a handy phrase. I'm a man, therefore it doesn't hurt. I'm a man, therefore I don't cry. I'm a man, therefore I don't get hungry. I'm a man, therefore I don't get tired.
Chichi: You're strong and you work too? How great is that?! You are a true man!
About Monaka.
Bright Noa: You can't be a real man without taking a few lumps!
Shija: Since the very start he's been protecting the hag.
Sagiri: I... I'm hardly at an age to be called such a thing.
Shija: Silence. Women are hags, and men are geezers. Not Gabimaru, of course.
Peyote DΓ­az: Chasing an empty dream with pitiable strength and rushing to your own death... If that's what manliness is, then I deem it foolish.
Saruyama Kenichi: Checking out boobs is what it means to be young! Boobs are our hopes! Boobs are our dreams!! Living by, for, and because of boobs is what it means to be a man in this journey called life! It's a truth that stretches across the very cosmos!!
Murao Jumpei: I choose to be cool. I choose to be manly... As I dance in secret... What does it mean to be cool? To be manly?
Maki Kuwana: You need physical energy to paint, right? There are a lot of big eaters among artsy girls, aren't there? But I guess there's also a lot of boys who only eat a little. I wonder why.
Iron Man: A man who doesn't take care of his nails won't hit it off with the ladies!
Ko Yamori: It's hard for guys and girls to understand each other. But gender isn't everything. I've never met anyone I totally understood. I don't get Nazuna... but I don't get you either. It's not about being a guy. Even if I were girl, I'd still want to fall in love with Nazuna... I think.
To Hatsuka.
Murao Jumpei: Being "manly"... Being "cool"... means being able to stick to my beliefs!
Aiba Ayame: You understand that the image the society in general holds of a male high school student is that he is an inveterate obscene immoral filth. You know this, right? You see, he's got shitty hair, and his face is full of acne, and he's always wearing his uniform or a jersey, and he stinks of mold all over, and about half of them are otakus and spend all his spare time poring over porn magazines, and is just full of monkey-like animal cunning rather than intelligence.

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