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Winter Schnee: The powerless return to dust. That is the law of this world.
Iron Maiden Jeanne: A promise is like a law. It must not be broken.
Midori Kuriyama: It's not luck or ham sandwiches that wins cases. We "pork" hard for the money.
Horohoro: The law of the jungle... My dad has always talked about it since I was a kid. The rules of nature are absolute, so there's nothing better than to appreciate that you can't disobey them. Whether it's the sky or the sea, every world has its own ruler. Even the king of beasts, the lion, can't fly in the skies or dive to the seafloor. I doubt he'd even try to eat the moles in the earth. By moving his world below the ground, the mole defeated the lion!
Iron Maiden Jeanne: Laws are rules for life itself. They are natural and inherent to the universe. The pheasant chick who doesn't heed his mother's word cannot sense danger and will be taken by the hawk. The wicked bloodline of the wolf who abandons mother and cubs will end when those cubs starve to death. In nature, those who break the rules are in the wrong and are doomed. However, human society has become complicated, and people can no longer entrust themselves to nature's providence. That's why they need laws. Absolute laws, divinely enforced. In the 1700 BCE, the human race's first laws were handed down by our God of Justice, Shamash.
Kublai: We are not barbarians!! We're honorable thousand soldiers of the Mongolian Imperial Army!! Anyone who violates the discipline will be cut down!! And the rule of you thousand men is I, Kublai!!

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