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Reinhard von Lohengramm: The stars are good. Unmoving, they keep watch over us, forever shining, the only constant left to us.
Makoto: Destruction and restoration repeat. Since the Big Bang, 13.8 billion years ago, the atoms that make up our bodies have gathered, become stars, burned out, been compressed, and released. Again they form spirals, mix together, then separate. Someday, when life dies out and the Earth comes to an end, we will become part of a great spiral again.
Manta Oyamada: Shaman or not, he's so full of himself. He doesn't even study, listens to whatever music he likes, stares at the stars, and stares at rivers... I really wish I could do those things too.
About Yoh.
Ren: What a whiny bunch of pests you are. The car was simply in my way.
Delinquent A: What? So you thought you'd kick it? Are you soft in the head?
Delinquent B: Call us pests, will you?
Ren: That thing coughs out exhaust fumes that pollute the air and make it hard to see the stars. What are you to this planet, if not pests?
Norma Selner: They'll meet their demise in the end, and join the countless stars in the night sky. However, when they all become falling stars and streak through the sky like a meteor shower, that's when we'll begin to see... the possibility of a future. That is what poeople call "hope."
Broly: The slaves we brought from Planet Shamo, huh? You've gazed at the stars, wishing someday to return there, haven't you? It would be nice to go back someday, wouldn't it?

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