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Benitora: The strongest guys want to take on those who are just as strong. That's natural.
Caulifla: Stop looking so glum!
Kale: But, his strength is unimaginable.
Caulifla: Don't be so timid!
Kale: Aren't you scared, Sis?
Caulifla: Of course I'm scared... of my own infinite potential!
Nami: There is no limit to their power when they want to save someone!
Black: If anger can be a source of strength, then the anger I hold, greater than anyone else's, makes me the strongest.
Akira Akatsuki: I'm sure strength isn't just the power to fight. It's about thinking about each other, and trusting each other. That's how we can always stay tough, no matter what comes our way. That's what true strength is!
Yamada Asaemon Sagiri: Not feeling anything? No. You're just averting your eyes... Not running from your emotions is a sign of strength.
Noriko Ashida: I don't need a power that can save the world! I... I just want to be the same as everyone else!
Jiren: Strength is absolute. Strength forgives all. Even the past.
Sung Jinwoo: For some reason I feel like something is destroyed inside of me everytime I get stronger.
Osa: Behold, young Gabimaru. Look upon weakness. Your parents indulged in sentiment. That, in itself, made them weak. If you're not strong, you won't be capable of protecting anything. Such as children... and all else that is dear to us.
Reinhard von Lohengramm: I don't believe that the absolute truth is necessary. I only need the power to freely accomplish my dreams.
Kyojuro Rengoku: Both growing old and dying are part of the beauty of being an ephemeral creature like a human. The fact that we grow old and die is what makes human life so unbearably precious and noble. "Strength" isn't a word used to describe just the body.
Iron Man: Not even my awesome self can compete with such horrendous power! And if I'm no match, Thor definitely isn't.
Ash Ketchum: Whatever you can't do, you can do it with a Pokémon pal. When you're with a Pokémon, it's like your muscles and your mind get a lot stronger! And that's called Pokémon power!
Avan: There are times when love and kindness aren't enough to protect people. Just as strength without justice is powerless, so too is justice without strength.
To Maam.
Pan: Girls, you see, get stronger once they're crying!
Ryunosuke Umemiya: My cut hair tells the story of my battles. Every time it's sliced, I grow stronger. In other words, I'm a Shaman now.
Hiashi Hyuga: Using power and fear to settle things must never happen. It breeds only tragedy. And leaves enmity that can never be resolved.
Son Goku: Gohan, you ain't giving enough power! Goten, don't be scared! Is it fine with you guys if the Earth is smashed to pieces by Broly?! Can't you protect it if I ain't around?!
Nozomu: Even if we lack the power to fight, our hearts are still strong!
Akira: No matter what happens, you trust your friends and never give up! That's a strong heart!
Thor: That is our true power!
Maruo Kaido: I already know what I want to be—a manga protagonist! Goku. Kinnikuman. Jotaro. I wanna be like them. So, when I was little, I started doing the same training they did in the manga. Over and over and over. By the time I was seven, I could split boulders. But... I've learned my lesson. For a normal person making a normal life... strength just isn't necessary. A manga is just a manga.
Faust VIII: Why not trust them? If your friends are dear to you, the best way you can help them in the Shaman Fight is by having faith in them.
Kazuya Ryuzaki: He wants me to forget Erika. But that won't make me strong. My strength comes from my love for her!
Rachel Moore: Courage is a word that gives you the strength to do what's right.
Maruo Kaido: That whole "Strong eat the weak" stuff isn't hype at all. For me, it's way cooler... for the strong to eat the stronger!
To Urara.
Duck: Fakir is strong. Even if he's not carrying a sword, Fakir is Mytho's knight.
Kuwabara Kazuma: Urameshi is the type where the stronger his opponent is, the more fired up he gets, you know? It's a sort of perversion.

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