Quotes tagged with "limits" (best)

Toriko: Limits... Shit like that doesn't even exist! As long as you never stop walking forward... all there is, is growth!
Nami: There is no limit to their power when they want to save someone!
All Might: If you can withstand me at 100%, then I'll force you to surrender from beyond that!
Ren: If you adults are so powerful, why do you pin your hopes on children?
Mikihisa: Because we can see our own ceilings. Everyone becomes aware of it one day once they've grown up. The ceiling looming over their heads represents their own limits. And the older you get, the closer it comes, each stain and smudge getting ever clearer.
Captain America: There are limits to what an individual can do. The only way to go beyond those limits is through teamwork!
Ghuul: You might say that to know the limits of humanity is akin to worshiping God.
Fujio: A slump is when one hits a wall that represents one's limitations. However, when one hones one's spirit, one can break through said wall to mature at an extraordinary pace!!
Fumio: Or to put it in Dragon Ball terms... In the Cell Saga, Goku uses both his spirit and the Time Chamber to train for the new challenge.

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