Quotes tagged with "light" (best)

Carla: I think you really have what it takes! Are you light-element affiliated? O Warrior of Light! O Holy Knight!
Alvin: Hey, lay off...
Carla: O Circus Performer?
Aisslinger Wernarr: Aizen fears nothing. It is for that reason that we gather before him. To we who are born from fear, the path of the man who has no fear is as dazzling as a moonbeam.
Kazkis Proxy: All those who wander in darkness seek the light. But when they reach the light, they avert their eyes from the blinding glare. They can even sense the pain. Truth is like that too.
Edel: A flame can illuminate the darkness. But without the darkness, its glow cannot even be seen.
Mytho: Even if it hurts, when I think of you, I can feel a small light coming to life in my heart. If you disappear, I feel like that light will be extinguished and vanish. I'm afraid of that.
Takuan Sōhō: There is no light for those who do not know darkness.
Takuan: Live on and endure the shadows!! Takezō...
Otsū: Takezō! Takezō!
Takuan: And brightness shall come your way.

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