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Chisato Nishikigi: In the time you're changing the world to your liking, you'll turn into an old man.
Shija: Since the very start he's been protecting the hag.
Sagiri: I... I'm hardly at an age to be called such a thing.
Shija: Silence. Women are hags, and men are geezers. Not Gabimaru, of course.
Kyojuro Rengoku: Both growing old and dying are part of the beauty of being an ephemeral creature like a human. The fact that we grow old and die is what makes human life so unbearably precious and noble. "Strength" isn't a word used to describe just the body.
Faust VIII: My family has found cures for hundreds of diseases. Nevertheless, patients still die. Old age, accidents… In the end, death defeated me. What can I do to overcome the hateful thing that is death? Why must the flesh decay? Why do people continue to be born when we know that fate awaits us? Why do we frantically try to live as we head towards death?
Ren: If you adults are so powerful, why do you pin your hopes on children?
Mikihisa: Because we can see our own ceilings. Everyone becomes aware of it one day once they've grown up. The ceiling looming over their heads represents their own limits. And the older you get, the closer it comes, each stain and smudge getting ever clearer.
Fujio Fuji: During a single point within a time frame two elderly men lived within their abode... And in the abode closest to them, there lived an elderly gentleman by the name of Cinderel. However on a certain day a beautiful, petite elderly man came floating down from the sky...
Tson: It should be just us old-timers who get sentimental over the past! You keep on snapping away! Keep taking pictures of everything you see around you!

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