Quotes tagged with "talent" (best)

Akaza: Watching the hideous decline of someone blessed with extraordinary powers... It pains me! I can't bear it! Die, Kyojuro... while you're still young and strong.
Ryūichi Kazama: The thing is, talent isn't something that only goes to those who want it.
Yatora Yaguchi: He's probably a genius. And I am... only human after all. I'm not special. I can't be a genius. I can only improve by practicing. Then I'll practice until you can't tell my work from that of a genius.
Yatora Yaguchi: Talented people are cheaters. They get to improve without much work.
Maru Mori: I'm not talented. I just spend more time thinking about art than others. Also, it's necessary to study methods in order to make art. So just brushing it off as "talent" is like I haven't put any effort into it.
Oikawa Ayako: Having a supportive family is also an important part of talent.

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