Quotes tagged with "blood" (best)

Mytho: When you've ripped out my heart, kiss it for me and dye your lips red with my blood.
Oskar von Reuenthal: Regardless of the color of eyes or skin the color of blood is the same for everyone, isn't it?
Yuki Cross: Eyes with a bloodcolored luster... Fangs protruding obscenely from his lips... A beast in human form. This is his true self.
Raven: I've raised you drinking my noble blood ever since you were a babe, but in the end you are a foolish human girl.
Zero Kiryu: Drinking blood on campus is strictly forbidden.
Akira Fudo: Just you wait, Miki. The ice of the Himalayas will shine red with demon blood.
Kaim: Silene. Even covered in blood... you are the vision of beauty.
Kirsch Vermillion: I'm still beautiful, even when I'm covered in blood.
Hanabusa Aido: I'm looking forward to the chocolate... Although I prefer blood for my dessert.
Yuki Cross: I'm one of Cross Academy's guardians! It'd be a disgrace if vampires drink my blood more than once!
Hōzōin Inshun: It felt like all the blood in my body was flowing in the wrong direction.

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