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Announcer: You can't start over in reality, but you can start over in U. You can live as another you. You can start a new life. You can change the world.
Mahiro Fuwa: We don't know if this world is real or a dream. Maybe the world till now has been a convenient fake. But magic will probably disappear now. The dream is over.
Ryūto Teraoka: Human history is nearly over. Living with your eyes averted from that reality isn't a bad option.
Chisato: Even you think you're in the right... So the only true villains are inside the silver screen, huh?
Majima: That's what makes movies interesting. Reality is filled with heroes of justice. "Good people" are punching each other out. That's the truth about this craptastic world.
Matamune: By "heart," I mean a heart that is not a slave to the reality before you, but one that believes to the end.
Leon S. Kennedy: Jason doesn't give a damn about justice. He wants the world to know what real terror's like. The kind him and his men knew. He wants that to be the new reality for everyone, and then... he wants to burn it all down.
Hao Asakura: That's reality for you. You can't be surprised by anything happening at any time in this world. Nothing is unfeasible. Anyone, however important, can die from the slightest thing. And no matter how hard you've worked, it can all come to nothing, just like that. Then there are those who never lift a finger but are content for life thanks to the dumb luck they were born with. Doesn't it seem so stupid to deal with that with full sincerity? That's why in the end, it doesn't matter.
Hang Zang-Ching: School report cards, company performance metrics, salaries... The day you see those damn numbers, no matter how much confidence you have, you're crushed by the weight of reality.
Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a man who died. The man was writing a story about a brave and handsome prince, who vanquishes a crafty raven. When the man died, the raven and the prince escaped from within the story. The prince took out his own heart to seal away the raven, but it was a forbidden power that had been granted solely to the prince. The raven was completely sealed away, but the prince's heart was shattered and the shards scattered all across town. Ever since then, in this town, stories and reality have intermingled, and it became a world where the fantastical was no longer fantastical.

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