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Aisslinger Wernarr: Aizen fears nothing. It is for that reason that we gather before him. To we who are born from fear, the path of the man who has no fear is as dazzling as a moonbeam.
Julius Kingsley: The ideal tool for controlling people is fear. And nothing overwhelms people more than an unseen fear.
Son Goku: It's funny. I don't feel any fear. What am I so relaxed for? There's going to be someone unbelievable out there... and yet, nothing. Maybe training in all that outrageous gravity has made me crazy.
Before arriving at Namek.
Masako Saeki: Try to put aside the idea of failure. When you do, the skills and knowledge you've learned until now, along with this work, will all stand by your side.
Jason: Do you know where the root of terror comes from? It starts with fear. Yeah. Humans. Humans fear the unknown. And there is nothing more unknowable than us. As a species... oh, we're unpredictable. We're cruel. Especially when we're trying to survive. Yeah. The Greeks said it best. "There is much to fear in this world... but nothing more so than humans."
Hikari Tsutsui: Something about changing and getting so happy is scary.
Bardock: Frieza is afraid of the legendary Super Saiyan appearing. ... And he's up to no good. I get the feeling that death is on its way.
Yatora Yaguchi: To express that I like something is scary.
Hiashi Hyuga: Using power and fear to settle things must never happen. It breeds only tragedy. And leaves enmity that can never be resolved.
Chocolove McDonell: Living with no fear of death is the same as giving up on life. That isn't true courage.
Lenny: Fear steals away hopes and dreams from people.
Yoh Asakura: No one can predict the future, so it's pointless to fear the unknown.
Edel: Are you afraid of the dark? I see that you are in the darkness of uncertainty. But if you wish to shine for someone, you must not fear the darkness.
Amidamaru: Everyone lives with worries, and they are not few in number. But what matters is how you overcome those worries and fears. Your philosophy that things will work out in the end... I believe you are quite right to have that courage.
Erika: With nothing left to lose, we have nothing left to fear.
Hao Asakura: My head is always filled with thoughts I'd rather not know. Like those of that traitor, Peyote... So none of that business came as a surprise to me. I knew he was just going through the motions. I could see what was going on inside his head. But it wasn't just him. They were all afraid of me. I felt betrayed from the start.
Femio: No word is more unsuited to me than "fear." Well, if there were just one thing I feared... I suppose it would be my own beauty.

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