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Bulma: Where did you go?
Son GokΕ«: Rabbits belong on the moon, of course!
Musica: Wow, that cat is cool! Is it a chihuahua?
Haru: You think it's a cat? But a chihuahua is a dog!
Tōbe Hachiro: The hunters kill the wolves in the end only in the tales humans tell.
Tōbe Hachiro: We're not men disguised as mere dogs. We are wolves disguised as men.
Aoyama: It's finished.
Uchida: It looks kind of like a penguin.
Aoyama: Huh? It was supposed to be a research vessel.
Nezu: Am I a mouse? A dog? A bear? My real identity is... the principal!
Anglade: Perhaps this world we live in is all merely a dream. It was breathed into life by the countless shellfish in the depths of the ocean.
Dehdeh: The whales sing the song of the stars, and the wind carries the memories of the ocean. We've taken the messages from those memories and passed them down through songs and poems. But words are only able to capture a fraction of the language of the wind, just like a sail.
Nadeshiko Kagamihara: It's so narrow... Like an eel's bed...
About the club room.
Nana: Guess that leaves us with no choice. Tell me about your person. I'll help you look for them.
Maron: Really? Man, you're gonna make a good wife someday, little miss. In that case... my person's got a mellow, heart-soothing fragrance...
Duck: I'm a duck. I'm really only a bird. But what the prince sees is Princess Tutu in her beautiful dress. It's not me.
Maron: The name's Maron! A proud Boston Terrier! How 'bout you?
Rito: Uh, I... I'm Rito...
Maron: Rito, huh? Well, not every name's a winner I guess.
Rito: Insulted by a dog...!
Haibara Ai: Because if I vanish as the dew of the guillotine, like Marie... Maybe this dog, just like loved dog, Tisby, would come after me and throw itself in the seine river...?
About a dog held by her.
Sanji: Why's the gorilla growing out of there?!
Briscola: You think so?! Then why don't you teach me how a gorilla should be... growing out of you?!
Fakir: She couldn't be drowning in there, could she? Can ducks drown? No, knowing her, it's possible.
Cosette: You've got little critters scuttling around having a party.
Takt: Leave them be. They may look unpleasant, but at least they don't get in the way of my piano playing. Unlike someone else I know.
Jin Akira: Trying to give commands to a wolf is pointless.
Yuuna: Could it be that these little things are the monster tentacles from yesterday? A cute little thing like this will eventually turn into a monster like that.
Kogarashi: Nah, these are normal spotted garden eels.
Horohoro: The law of the jungle... My dad has always talked about it since I was a kid. The rules of nature are absolute, so there's nothing better than to appreciate that you can't disobey them. Whether it's the sky or the sea, every world has its own ruler. Even the king of beasts, the lion, can't fly in the skies or dive to the seafloor. I doubt he'd even try to eat the moles in the earth. By moving his world below the ground, the mole defeated the lion!
Yoh Asakura: There's always been something about swans that's fascinated me.
Samuel Hunter: Wolves are marvelous creatures.
Ena: Chikuwa, I have a treat for youuu! C'mere. It's sausage.
Nadeshiko: Oh, he came out!!
Ena: Nadeshiko-chan, hold this.
Nadeshiko: Huh?
Ena: Now run!!
Nadeshiko: Huh? Huh?! Okay!!
(Nadeshiko runs, Chikuwa right behind her)
Ena: It's survival of the fittest, Nadeshiko-chan.
Inugami Akira: I'm a wolf! I don't owe the humans anything.
Pan: What? Another giant monkey?
Satan: What the hell is going on here? Is this the planet of the apes?
Anita Hailey: If I died at the gullotine like Marie... maybe Doyle would drown herself in the river seine like Marie's dog Thisbe.
To Doyle, a dog held by her.

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