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Gifso: Your hard work won't betray you!
Yang Wen-li: Everybody has to display a certain loyalty towards their paycheck. I was the same way. It isn't just a piece of paper, it's a chain that binds people.
Cherry: What kind of work do you want?
Ataru: I won't ask for much, just Β₯10,000 an hour, lots of fun, and something not tiring with lots of pretty girls. The location should be nearby, with meals included, and no overtime. Breaks should last about 2 hours. Afternoon tea is a given, and I can work any hours I like. And as a small request I'd like a paid vacation and family allowance, and housing allowance. And I'd like a bonus!
Chichi: You're strong and you work too? How great is that?! You are a true man!
About Monaka.
Toru Amuro: I'm enjoying it. I learn a lot from everything I do. It all helps me get closer to reaching my goal.
Hang Zang-Ching: School report cards, company performance metrics, salaries... The day you see those damn numbers, no matter how much confidence you have, you're crushed by the weight of reality.
Richard: A case is calling me...! Never fear. The great private investigator Richard Moore will look everything over!!
Rachel: "Will overlook everything" is more like it...
Kyoji Arakawa: You have to understand, rakugo is a business about pleasing the audience who's come to see you. If you cannot please a single person in your presence, you're not cut out for this.
Yatora Yaguchi: I've done my fair share of playing and studying. I thought I was living my life efficiently. But I got hooked on art. And for the first time in my life, I started to take things seriously. Even though I used to think that there was no future to be had in art.
Masako Saeki: Isn't it just natural to put everything you have into pursuing your passion?
Nagi: I thought neither of you were going to eat.
Sachi: Well, I'm not going to say no to food.
Erika: And my job is to eat.
Kogorou: A case is callign for me... The great detective Mouri Kogorou!!
Ran: Not "great", but more like "confused"...
Ko Yamori: I'm still a kid. I don't know how the adult world works. I know there are a lot of things I don't understand yet. But this isn't normal adult stuff. Is it? You can't let your boss push you around any time of the day or night! It's 2:00 A.M.! And if we don't fit in, we might as well have fun, right?
Hideo Azuma: When I was homeless I wanted to start working. When I did physical work, I wanted to become an artist.
Kana: Isn't that awesome? By age six, I was already interested in a medical career!
Reimi: I'm more curious about what made you want to be a detective.
Hibiki: And after doctor, you wanted to be a healer?
Kana: No... After that it was pilot, then barista, then pro wrestler!
Takumi Fujiwara: Until you have a real job, you're still a child.

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