Quotes tagged with "clothes" (best)

Ryuji Ayukawa: People who bare their naked bodies and people who try to adorn their naked bodies—they both have a certain freedom and ugliness to them, but isn't it all so lovely?
Nagi: If I put a sparkly heart keychain from a 100-yen shop on this bag, can't I just say it's a Sama*tha Thavasa?
Tsugumi: If you talk about Sama*tha Thavasa while wearing those anime clothes, our few female viewers will snicker.
Duck: I'm a duck. I'm really only a bird. But what the prince sees is Princess Tutu in her beautiful dress. It's not me.
Ja: You're like a completely different person just from taking off your heels!
Houhou: Do you know how terrifying it is to wear these things? These are definitely not made for humans to wear.
Ruri Aoki: Starbucks is scary. The last time I walked in there, everyone was on laptops and tablets. I was scared stiff. They all seemed so cool with their interesting lives. I was ashamed to be stinking up the place with my sad fashion sense!!
Jiromaru: School uniforms really bring out the purity of a girl.

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