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Bartender: People's feelings are in music. It has a history. It's basically life itself.
Kei Nagai: Personal feelings just complicate matters. You can't rely on them to turn your situation around. I've known that people destroy themselves when they get carried away with their emotions.
Mitsuki: People's emotions can turn in an instant. The bigger the hero, the bigger the outcry when you fall.
Yui: Following your heart will make you a true warrior.
Yatora Yaguchi: It's a fierce competition, but whether or not you let your mental health plummet under that pressure is a personal matter.
Ponosuke: He's so kind, yet he can't get a girlfriend. Something's just not right with this world.
Duck: Mytho doesn't even know what it feels like to be in love. Even though Rue loves Mytho. Isn't that sad?
Edel: Sad?
Duck: You think so, don't you?
Edel: Is it sad for Mytho? For Rue? Or for you?
Hatsuka: You talk tough and make dirty jokes because you don't know how to be honest about your feelings.
Nazuna: That's... not it... The truth is... I love dirty jokes!!
Hatsuka: Not the big confession I was hoping for...
Black: If anger can be a source of strength, then the anger I hold, greater than anyone else's, makes me the strongest.
Yamada Asaemon Sagiri: Not feeling anything? No. You're just averting your eyes... Not running from your emotions is a sign of strength.
Kufa Vampir: When people like one another, things go well between them. Just like with you and me, milady.
Nacht Faust: When evil-looking people or those who have committed evil deeds in the past suddenly do something good, that twist makes them more likable. And I absolutely hate that. The greatest people are those who are good from the start.
Sharol Iridescence: The longer you know someone, the more troublesome your feelings can become.
Lenny: I believe music is something that will bring happiness to everyone. I believe that's the same for every generation. It brings hearts together, softens pain, gives us courage, and connects us to tomorrow.
Leon: Are you able to feel it, Lance? To witness the tense, still air on the pitch, the opposite from the audience cheering and yelling. Both fantastic, wouldn't you say? But remember, the audience is also a bit cruel. They want nothing more than to see one of us lose, after all! But I love pushing past the fear. I love giving it everything I've got as a trainer! It's the greatest feeling, and I can't get enough of it!
Maki Kuwana: Looking at people who are feeling down makes me feel like I'm still okay, you know?
Yatora Yaguchi: To express that I like something is scary.
Yuuki Rito: I want to tell her what I feel... But... What do I feel?
Nozomi: What's deep down in your heart is something that's really hard to talk about.
Ko Yamori: It's fun being with Nazuna. I'm discovering all kinds of new feelings. But it's... a lot to process. I'm starting to realize that happiness is complicated.
Loid Forger: If making light of a child's feelings is part of your establishment's educational policies, then I'm afraid we have chosen the wrong school.
During the school entry interview.
Gekko: Once you figure out what moves people's hearts, people are surprisingly easy to manipulate. The trick is to serve them up a villain. Dissatisfaction with life... daily stress... Everyone just needs something to focus their anger on.
Masako Saeki: When you feel joy, excitement, and passion while making art, the viewer will also enjoy your work.
Yatora Yaguchi: It's one of those pieces that draw you right in. I've felt this way a few times so far. That feeling where the boundaries between myself and the art become blurred. But... my art doesn't have that.
About Kuwana's painting.
Rachel Moore: At that moment, I had a strange premonition... that I would never seen Jimmy again... A bad premonition.
When Jimmy runs after the men in black.
Ryunosuke Umemiya: People can easily be overtaken by their emotions at any minute. You think everyone is fixed and not prone to change, but the smallest thing makes them become friends or fall out. But the truth is there's no such thing as allies or enemies in this world. Only pain caused by your own sense of right and wrong.
Kaito Kid: What's the thrill of knowing what's in the box before you open it?
Tao Ren: If suppressing your heart won't make it go away, then set it free!
Ryunosuke Umemiya: There's nothing wrong with you. You're not angry and you're not sad. You're finally feeling normal.
Botan: Even if he couldn't hear your voice, if you share the same thoughts, your feelings would get through! What you felt must have gotten across to him!
Yusuke: To Kuwabara?! Don't say such a disgusting thing!
Mytho: I want to see Tutu. When I think of Tutu, I become filled with the desire to see her. I want to be with Tutu always.
Hibiki: The person I always thought I was wasn't really me. After you arrived, I became me for the first time. It's because you came here.
To Uta.
Mouri Ran: Why did I have that feeling...? The feeling that I would never see Shinichi again... A very bad feeling...
When Shinichi runs after the men in black.
Mytho: Even if it hurts, when I think of you, I can feel a small light coming to life in my heart. If you disappear, I feel like that light will be extinguished and vanish. I'm afraid of that.
Ayase Tsukasa: Things that are said, things to say, things I want to say. Let's search for the words within these tangled feelings.

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