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Iron Maiden Jeanne: Insulting others is the root of evil.
Aika Fuwa: The subtle light that is born when people's feelings come together. That light embraces felicity, evil, sin, and happiness. The light blazes forth... illuminating the whole truth.
Son Gokū: If you weren't rotten to the core, you would have made a good rival.
Toppo: I am leader of the Pride Troopers, Toppo! Small evils. Normal evils. Big evils! All evils shall shatter before this iron fist of justice!
Toppo: We're done playing the hero. There's no justice or evil. There is only either survival or erasure.
Sōichirō Yagami: The real evil is the power to kill people.
Aza Chobe: Think I give a damn about all these sins?! When you're the ones who came up with that crap?! All of you, slaves to doing things right and proper! Just damned puppets without desires of your own! Well, I ain't gonna listen to that garbage anymore. From now on, I'm doing things my way!! I'm my own master! I'm my own god!!
Saber: If you commit evil, in the name of hatred for evil, your anger and hatred can only bring further conflict.
Nacht Faust: When evil-looking people or those who have committed evil deeds in the past suddenly do something good, that twist makes them more likable. And I absolutely hate that. The greatest people are those who are good from the start.
Rōshi: Evil will never become justice! The history you said just now is the best evidence. Even the empire which had powerful military would perish and disappear in the history. That's the predestination of injustice. Evil is always only evil! Real justice will never change in any situation.
Ai Magase: In the game, I become the hero. The hero rises up against the devil who took over the world, together with a small group of friends, or sometimes even alone, in order to save the world and bring happiness to the people. But none of the people the devil rules over try to rise up against him, even though the hero is risking his life to save the world. The hero still tries to save the world. Even if no one helps him. Even if no one understands him. Just to bring happiness to the people. Mr. Seizaki, I want to become a person like that.
Iron Maiden Jeanne: Doubt is the root of evil.
Red Skull: Evil will never triumph in this world. I have realized that to overcome the rules of this world, I must destroy the very world itself! Soon, the Earth will die, the world will end, and its rules will crumble to dust!
Tao Chin: The fields and mountains are beautiful in the day, yet at night they become a world of darkness that instills fear in people. What is considered good and evil too, can be turned on its head as history and perspectives change. Just like light and dark or beauty and ugliness, it's not a question of being only one or the other. In other words, what's important is to have a heart that accepts both sides of the same coin and to maintain a balance.
Marco Lasso: Times may change, but evil will always be there to ruin people's peace. Justice means keeping that peace.
To Yoh.
Manta Oyamada: You're in the same boat as Yoh! This is what Yoh always says. Whatever you do, some will praise you and others will criticize. That's because everyone has different things that matter to them. It doesn't make any sense to arbitrarily decide what's good and what's bad.
Ryunosuke Umemiya: People can easily be overtaken by their emotions at any minute. You think everyone is fixed and not prone to change, but the smallest thing makes them become friends or fall out. But the truth is there's no such thing as allies or enemies in this world. Only pain caused by your own sense of right and wrong.
Oba: To survive nowadays, you've got to be mean and tough. Better get used to it!

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