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Nagi: I thought neither of you were going to eat.
Sachi: Well, I'm not going to say no to food.
Erika: And my job is to eat.
CHU2: I won't take just anybody. If you can't play the music I want to hear, you can leave. Ready?
Tae: Not lady... I am a girl.
Sanji: Why's the gorilla growing out of there?!
Briscola: You think so?! Then why don't you teach me how a gorilla should be... growing out of you?!
Duck: Wow, it's so pretty.
Lilie: Totally unlike Duck.
Pike: Oh, she got depressed.
Lilie: Oh, no, did she really get depressed? How cute!
Narrator: Urameshi Yusuke, age 14. He was supposed to have been the hero of this story, but... he seems to have suddenly died!
Jeanne: Anatel... from Niles!
Anahol: Hey! That's my big brother, actually.
Jeanne: Brother?
Anahol: Look closely! My brother's nose was three whole centimeters longer than mine!
Dutch: I don't believe it. My head's still attached. Even my shades are okay. Amen Hallelujah peanut butter.
Mr. Cat: Students of mine are getting married before me! There is no happier thing for a teacher than this!
Hao: The Continent of Mu.
Horohoro: Is he stupid?
Hao: Before that, you just thought that I was stupid.
Horohoro: No, I didn't! Yes, I did...
Hao: "Yes, I did..." As you well know, I can read minds. So it's probably for the best if you don't think anything too bad. Or else, I'll reveal the name of the girl you have a crush on.
Horohoro: I'm sorry!
Kai: Something smells good. It's fluffy like marshmallows. Or a cat's belly? No... These are breasts! How indecent!!
Ponchi: The strong ones doing the fighting are me, Ponchi...
Conchi: And me, Conchi!
Ponchi: Hey, chicks!
Conchi: Don't think you'll get away with it just because it's us!
Ponchi: We'll get our balls out!
Conchi: And touch your boobs!
Kurama: To think that he would fall into the trap on his own!
Hiei: He truly is a fool.
Genkai: No, he's a fool and an idiot.
About Kuwabara.
Kuwabara: You really are one despicable guy! For feeling around Miyuki's breasts and stuff! What were you planning to do if he was really a woman?
Yusuke: Dummy! In that case, I would have just been glad to have done it, you know?
Arpon: I'm going places, Paifu. You're merely in the way! I'll be the king of fights at Batwing Ridge Elementary Night School!
Paifu: Aren'tcha setting your sights a little low?
JosΓ©: There's only 11 of us...
Ko: I like that one...
Nazuna: Well, duh. Look at her boobs.
Ko: Can you please stop saying "boobs"?
Nazuna: Is that what you're into, Ko? Nice, shy girls with giant bazongas?
Ko: Would it kill you to just say "breasts"?
Nazuna: That wouldn't sound very hot.
About a game character.
Botan: Even if he couldn't hear your voice, if you share the same thoughts, your feelings would get through! What you felt must have gotten across to him!
Yusuke: To Kuwabara?! Don't say such a disgusting thing!
Yumi: Hey! Enough about my ex!!
Conan: Nobody asked you for the details...
Ko: But school is such a drag...
Akira: You even want to skip school in a game?!
Murao Jumpei: I got distracted by her panties and followed her here...
Botan: Koenma-sama is finally going to remove his pacifier. And when he does... Oh no! I made such a fuss about it, but I don't even know what it means in the least!
Ena: Chikuwa, I have a treat for youuu! C'mere. It's sausage.
Nadeshiko: Oh, he came out!!
Ena: Nadeshiko-chan, hold this.
Nadeshiko: Huh?
Ena: Now run!!
Nadeshiko: Huh? Huh?! Okay!!
(Nadeshiko runs, Chikuwa right behind her)
Ena: It's survival of the fittest, Nadeshiko-chan.
Shirogane: Don't make out at a shrine!
Kogorou: A case is callign for me... The great detective Mouri Kogorou!!
Ran: Not "great", but more like "confused"...
Rimi: So... you ended up double-booking for that night?
Tae: They said it's a job. I can't really back out... I'm sorry. I promised you guys I'd play at the festival too.
Saaya: How can they schedule something without even asking you? What are you gonna do?
Tae: I want to do both!
Saaya: How?
Tae: I'll... clone myself!
Jorge: One battle had come to an end. However, as long as people live, they must continue to fight against something. And no one can forfeit his own fight.
Koenma: Jorge, what are you talking about with such a straight face?
Jorge: The narration!
Asahi: Big boobs or small boobs. Which do you prefer?
Uryu: That's not the kind of thing you just ask someone... And I... I mean, I don't really care...
Asahi: So what I'm hearing is, as long as they're boobs, you love 'em regardless of the size. What a greedy boy.
Uryu: That's not even close to what I said.
Ryu: It's all my fault for being so damn weak... Faust!
Faust: How can I help you, Ryu?
Ryu: Faust?
Faust: Faust's spirit, to be precise.
Ren: He's dead, that's all.
Horohoro: Don't tell me this still surprises you?
Meguire: Hey, why are we telling him the details of this case?
Wilder: Sorry, force of habit...
About Richard.
Melina: What is your name?
Aseo: Y'know, I just realized I have no idea.
Melina: May I suggest one? The Tarnished are also known as Asebito... so Aseo it is.
Patches: Go on, follow your damn grace to the Erdtree or wherever you like.
Aseo: Bro!! You're the best kind of trash there is, brother Patches... Whenever I see trash from now on, I'll think of you! Promise...!!
Kogorou: Let 'im go! You know there ain't no such thing as a normal detective!!
Ran: You're a detective, aren't you?
Student: I hate violence! I'm a follower of Gandhi!
Akira: I don't give a damn if it's "Gandhi" or "candy"! I don't like your face, so it's time for some homemade plastic surgery!
Tomo: Don't underestimate me! I once stayed up until 11:30!
Junichiro: That's all? I've stayed up until midnight before.
Tomo: Midnight?! That's the next day!
Amy: For our next activity, let's search that mysterious house on Block 2!
George: You mean the place next door to Doc Agasa's?
Mitch: Rumor has it that it's haunted!
Conan: Nooo! That's my house!
Carol: Too bad we lost at volleyball.
Misuzu: There was no way a team with you and me on it could win.
Sanji: We must stop him for now! Or the Flower Capital will be in chaos!
Nami: What were you doing at such a serious time?
After visiting the women's bathhouse.
Lilie: I just happened to be following Pike, and I just happened to see her meet up with the wonderful Mytho, and then when I just happened to keep following them, they went off to a place where there was absolutely nobody around. Well? Want to just happen to go see?
Duck: Miss Freya is what's wonderful. It makes me wish I could become this wonderful. But that would–
Uzura: Never happen, zura.
Duck: What? Really?
Uzura: Really, zura.
Duck: Not at all?
Uzura: Not a chance, zura!
Duck: Wait, who are you?!
Jack: Talk about this in public, and I'll beat you to death.
Kai: You don't have to threaten him like that. We have the army and police behind us... And if they ever knew you spread around this information, you'd probably be captured and simply disappear.
Keith: You just said the exact same thing with more words.
Sangatsu Sumire: Right now, this is testing how much I love Yukino-kun. It's alright. That's something made by the person I like, so no matter the smell, it'll definitely taste good. Look, in this spoon, it's a soup so sticky you'd think it's brown sugar. It's spreading a special smell that pierces right through your nose and reaches your brain. It's dancing on the tip of your tongue. This refreshing and delicious... Whoa, it's nasty!

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