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Cherry: What kind of work do you want?
Ataru: I won't ask for much, just Β₯10,000 an hour, lots of fun, and something not tiring with lots of pretty girls. The location should be nearby, with meals included, and no overtime. Breaks should last about 2 hours. Afternoon tea is a given, and I can work any hours I like. And as a small request I'd like a paid vacation and family allowance, and housing allowance. And I'd like a bonus!
Miyako: Norippe, did you buy your computer at an electronics store? Was it expensive?
Nori: I dunno. I'm not sure how much it cost, my uncle built it for me as a gift for starting high school.
Yuno: Your uncle...
Miyako: ...made it?
Yuno: Nori, is your uncle Mr. Gates?
Kluke: And? Did you find the Knight Master?
Shu: It's not that easy! Besides, I don't even know his name or what he looks like.
Kluke: Then how do you plan to find him?
Shu: I have a plan! And the perfect one at that! We'll approach every stranger we see!
Rock Lee: Sasuke, I've wanted to ask you this for three years now... Why? Why were you so popular with the ladies?!
Nagi: Wow, you have so many toys! What's this ball?
ChΕ‚opiec: It's a superball. You've never seen one?
Nagi: Wait, by any chance if you gather seven of these...
Koyume: Why did you get glasses?
Mayu: There were many reasons... But I wanted to watch the anime that I loved in the highest definition possible.
Yui: Well, see, I lost in a game with Yukinon, so this is like my punishment.
Hachiman: Talking to me is a punishment?
Brook: If nothing is done, we're gonna end up back in the deep sea!
Robin: No, we'll hit a rock and drown before that.
Killua: When I was winning in the 190s, I had around two hundred million, total.
Zushi: Two hundred million...
Gon: Where's that money now?
Killua: That was four years ago! Of course it's gone now. Spent it all on snacks!
Gon: Two hundred million on snacks, in four years?
Zushi: What kind of snacks are these?
Kaguya: Hayasaka! Come quick!
Hayasaka: What is it?
Kaguya: The Internet is broken!
Hebi: There is no point in losing the money we robbed from one casino, gambling at another one.
Beelzebub: Get a load of those stupid outfits, Thief.
Thief: Yeah. Reminds me of your style, Prince.
Chaozu: You suck at insulting people, Ten.
Tenshinhan: Apologies.
Soku: Going on a first date without a strategy is like fighting a Tailed Beast unarmed.
German teacher: It can't be helped. I'll give you a freebie. I covered this in class. Translate what I'm about to say into German and write it on the back. Question 1: "Rheumatoid arthritis." Question 2: "A man holding a banana while naked." The last question: "James Thomas."
Somi: Who invented dynamite?
Vincent: Mr. Dynamite.
Yoshio Tsukinaga: The first kiss i ever had... was with a foot.
Dororo: If I take two and give three to Bro, that's no fun for me. But I'd feel bad for Bro giving him two while taking three for myself. Honestly, five is such an inconvenient number. In the end, it's best if I just eat them all myself.
Yami: I'd like you to treat me to some taiyaki.
Rito: Yami...
Yami: About fifty of them...
Takanashi Yasuhiro: She is lovely! She's a bit aggressive. I mean, more of a tomboy. I think it's because she wants attention. She'll put banana peels in the hallway... Set the laundry on fire...
About Misha.
Yami Sukehiro: Don't go ripping off people's magic! I'm gonna sue you for copyright infringement!
Kirishima: Well, if you're talking about flashy and strong, it's gotta be Todoroki and Bakugo, though, huh?
Tsuyu: Bakugo's always mad, so he doesn't seem like he'll be popular, though.
Roid: You see the red button? Press it!
Customer: A red button? But this is a black and white manga...
Iron Man: Are you angry we didn't invite you? We can't exactly send mail to Asgard.
To Thor.
Shija: Since the very start he's been protecting the hag.
Sagiri: I... I'm hardly at an age to be called such a thing.
Shija: Silence. Women are hags, and men are geezers. Not Gabimaru, of course.
Maria: What brings you two here? This is a forgotten graveyard, so I doubt you're here to see a grave...
Carla: We are here to see a grave, actually. Yours!
Chiaki Oogaki: You just won't shut up about Mount Fuji, so starting today, you'll be known as "Fujiko."
To Nadeshiko.
Vegeta: Dating is for the weak.
To Goten.
Chichi: What's happened, Goku? You only ate half of what you usually eat!
Goten: Father, is something wrong?
Goku: I just don't have an appetite.
Chichi: Do you have a fever?
Goku: I don't have a fever.
Chichi: Then, are you gonna die?
Goku: I've died about two times already but this time doesn't feel like dying.
Goku: You can transform into freaky-face mode again and beat Gas!
Vegeta: Freaky-face mode? It's called Ultra Ego, you fool!
Beerus: I'm super busy clearly.
Whis: Didn't you just say you were bored?
Beerus: Exactly. So I'm busy killing time.
Thirteen: Before we begin, let me say one thing... or two, or three... or four... five... six... seven...
Inojin: Well, he's supposed to have been amazing in the past.
Boruto: Well, compared to other teachers, he's not that dependable. He's got a weak presence...
Inojin: Yeah, it's almost like his shadow is stronger.
About Shino.
Edward Grant: I just wanted to shake Cap's hand once... And maybe an autograph and a photo too.
Seseri: The hell is this?! We have all these fines for unauthorized magic use, under magic-prohibition, article 10, Cecil-kun!
Cecil: You could buy an expensive car, huh?
Nadeshiko Kagamihara: It's so narrow... Like an eel's bed...
About the club room.
Kenta: Hey! How's it hanging, Auntie? You've gotten bigger since I last saw you!
Okane: Idiot! That's my line!
Chiaki: If you love Mount Fuji so much, why not hang out with the mountain climbing club? I hear they climb it every year.
Nadeshiko: No way!! Like I could climb Mount Fuji!! I'm completely satisfied just gazing at it from afar...
Chiaki: You're like a girl with a one-sided crush.
Kouichiro Iketani: I'd like to go on a drive with a girl like that. It's a day off, and I get to go on the highway, but it's my mom in the passenger seat. It's a megaton of misery...
Yoh: Wake us up so we don't oversleep, okay, Amidamaru?
Amidamaru: Glad to be of service after so long.
Ren: Bason. I don't trust him on his own.
Bason: Your old faithful Alarm Bason, my liege.

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