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Jin Akira: I have a lot of pride. I don't like people talking at me when I can't reply.
Doctor Mu: Live! Baby, go on living! Remember our ambitions! Remember your excellence when you are to be reborn into your perfect form! The power that we gathered from throughout the galaxy continues to live on inside your body! The power that Lood used and was sent here to you! Think about how much power there is established within you! You can do it! Burn the energy you have with you! Burn it! Live, baby! You're the only one I have! Please live! Please live!
Fumio Akatsuka: It's true that as a little kid I was thin and weak... And it was Jump that told me that if I trained, I could get stronger. In my desire to come ever closer to my beloved Jump characters, I'd wear the shell of a turtle on my back... I'd climb a cliff using only one arm... I'd stop a barrage of tennis balls with only my stomach muscles... And while I was at it, I managed to style my hair like a Super Saiyan...
Fumio Akatsuka: "Akatsuka"? Perhaps that used to be my name. However, I have abandoned my past! I will now be reborn anew... Yes!! From today forward, my name shall be The Jet-Black Crimson Knight!!
Seiji Yoshida: I know I'm going to die soon! But before I do, I want to paint one last picture... I want to paint right up to the very end...!
Rue: The depths of despair... I feel so calm here. I won't be tricked by anyone anymore, and I don't have to resent anyone. There's nothing here. Not even loving... Nothing but to keep dancing until I die away.
Shoko Ishinomori: When a girl with no history of love suddenly falls, they have a tendency to give up the rest of their lives to it! They stop drawing manga because of their infatuation. It's happened to a lot of aspiring young manga artists! Love is a demon that crushes the seed of talent in its claws!!
Fujio: A slump is when one hits a wall that represents one's limitations. However, when one hones one's spirit, one can break through said wall to mature at an extraordinary pace!!
Fumio: Or to put it in Dragon Ball terms... In the Cell Saga, Goku uses both his spirit and the Time Chamber to train for the new challenge.
Kublai: We are not barbarians!! We're honorable thousand soldiers of the Mongolian Imperial Army!! Anyone who violates the discipline will be cut down!! And the rule of you thousand men is I, Kublai!!
Oba: To survive nowadays, you've got to be mean and tough. Better get used to it!
Gen Nakaoka: It's a funny thing. You can see someone just once, and fall so completely in love you can't get her out of your mind.
Gen Nakaoka: As an eyewitness, you can testify to the horrors of the atomic bomb. You can provide the testimony that could save the human race. That makes you more important than the emperor.
Matsuoka Ren: What did I want to say to Ayase? I don't know what I want to say, but this is the first time I want to talk about myself. To this "girl" who is like me, but not. To Ayase Tsukasa.
Gen Nakaoka: Ah, the pain of defeat... The war-mongers fight their stupid war and turn us into a country of vegetable-eaters!
Shota Ishinomori: If you let yourself be ruled by fear, you'll never, ever become a manga artist!! Even if you're ashamed or afraid of being put down, you still have to show people your work!! Manga exists for people to read and enjoy, right?!
Kanna Tezuka: Being this close to a real-life naked dude is really gross, too! Why does it have to be real?! Why can't he be in 2D?!
Ayase Tsukasa: Things that are said, things to say, things I want to say. Let's search for the words within these tangled feelings.
Kimie Nakaoka: I hate the Americans too. They've hurt us so much... But what can we do? We lost the war. We have to forget all that and get on with our lives.
Ryuta Kondo: If we calculate how much energy we wasted on this wild goose chase, how many calories do you s'pose we burned up? I daresay it's equivalent to a whole year's budget for our defeated, impoverished nation, Japan.
Fujio: I, on the other hand, would open a gallery for my manga awards in the Louvre and fill it with my drawings of Lum!
Kanna: Lum...?! Are your glasses really fake?!
Aiba Ayame: You understand that the image the society in general holds of a male high school student is that he is an inveterate obscene immoral filth. You know this, right? You see, he's got shitty hair, and his face is full of acne, and he's always wearing his uniform or a jersey, and he stinks of mold all over, and about half of them are otakus and spend all his spare time poring over porn magazines, and is just full of monkey-like animal cunning rather than intelligence.
Shampoo: We stake Ranma for this match. ОkΠ°Ρƒ?
Akane: Want me to throw in the panda too?
Kouta Hirano: I can't believe I scored a head shot on a gun I've never even tested out before! I really am a natural at these things.
Siluca Meletes: You have no political or diplomatic skills and you're not that bright and your physical skills are just so-so. But I believe you've got what it takes to be a lord.
Someone-san: Getting angry makes you tired. If you don't get angry, people won't hear you. If you go through life without being angry... if nothing else, things might seem clearer.
Lum's Father: To win, you have to catch Lum within ten days and touch her horns!
Ataru: To touch her horns, I'll have to touch her body...
Yamada: It looks like I picked up something weird... If it were a girl, I might be in trouble, but it's a guy, so...
Sangatsu: There's a kid crying!
Nanami: Ah, the sound of summer...
Sangatsu: No, that's not the sound of cicadas.
Fujio Fuji: During a single point within a time frame two elderly men lived within their abode... And in the abode closest to them, there lived an elderly gentleman by the name of Cinderel. However on a certain day a beautiful, petite elderly man came floating down from the sky...
Yurine: Curses and whatnot, it's not scientific. How could they exist...
Nanami: How dare you say that when I've experienced it! If that's the case, then why is it that from this morning, I've been bitten by a dog, stepped on dog poop, fell down the stairs and forgot my homework?!
Yurine: Wouldn't that be because you were careless...
Fujio Fuji: I am tardy!! As I fly to almost certain tardiness, slice of bread firmly between teeth, I will certainly collide with the fated heroine. Manga plots demand it... And I, specs, must experiment to determine the truth of it!! However, I wonder as to the necessity of pronouncing my tardiness aloud. Also, in the near future, the bread in my mouth will cause a shortage of breath...
Largo: Human beings... how vulgar! For the crime of injuring me, a god... I demand, as atonement, death.
Kaname Sengoku: When you and a foreign presence are there, and you realize you can't understand it... Don't you think that becomes something very precious to you?
Oreki Hotaro: If I don't have to do something, I don't do it. If I have to do something, I do it quickly.
Leon McNichol: A monster should at least look like a monster.
Fukube Satoshi: "Nothing beats an impromptu joke. It creates a breeding ground for lies." That's my motto.
Hotaro: If you were to use the book for something other than reading, how would you use it?
Mayaka: If you stack a few of them up, it might make a good pillow.
Satoshi: If you put it on your arm, it would serve as a shield.
Hotaro: Think about this more seriously.
Chitanda: He's right. There must be some way that this book in particular is being used.
Satoshi: Okay, Chitanda-san, what do you think?
Chitanda: Let's see. If you make a stack of them, they could serve as pickle press.
Mayaka: She seems like she could be Saint Eru, huh?
Satoshi: "Chitanda Eru" sounds like it could be an angel's name, doesn't it?
Mayaka: As in, "Uriel," "Gabriel," "Chitanda-el"?
Chitanda Eru: Our days being spent aimlessly is not productive.
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