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Lupin II: Any good thief takes pride in being called a cheat!
Raven: I've raised you drinking my noble blood ever since you were a babe, but in the end you are a foolish human girl.
Ja: You're like a completely different person just from taking off your heels!
Houhou: Do you know how terrifying it is to wear these things? These are definitely not made for humans to wear.
Jorge: One battle had come to an end. However, as long as people live, they must continue to fight against something. And no one can forfeit his own fight.
Koenma: Jorge, what are you talking about with such a straight face?
Jorge: The narration!
Mukuro: Hiei, don't go saying that defeating me has become your reason for living. That would be too sad.
Sensui Shinobu: Very soon, you will be witnesses to a historical event. You will be able to see creatures of legend that everyone knows about but no one has ever seen. A-class Yokai are the true idols to be worshipped. Not foreign celebrities or sports figures!
Doctor Mu: Baby, I'm sorry! I never thought that you would be exposed before reaching your perfect form... to the eyes of unclean folks such as these! I can only imagine... I can only imagine your humiliation!
Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a man who died. The story the man wrote was about a happy prince who loved everyone and was loved by everyone. The people fought, each wanting him to love them and them alone, and an evil raven pecked at their loving hearts one after another. The more the prince loved them and tried to save them, the more the people's love just fed the raven. In the end, the raven thought "I'd like to try eating the prince's heart, the most delicious one of all."
Akira Fudo: Just you wait, Miki. The ice of the Himalayas will shine red with demon blood.
Akira Fudo: I don't understand human beings. What's so fun about swinging a big stick around? How absurd!
About the baseball.
Student: I hate violence! I'm a follower of Gandhi!
Akira: I don't give a damn if it's "Gandhi" or "candy"! I don't like your face, so it's time for some homemade plastic surgery!
Delos: To hate them... that would make me feel like I had lost.
Delos: Ogun's fist is here. It carries the entire weight of the Scarab tribe's emotions. You can't just casually avoid that.
Lord Ryuu: They rise one last time in the flame, and throw out their limbs... as though they still try to protect their lord.
Kujaku: When I see someone in trouble, I like to make things more complicated for them. I'm nice like that.
Giyu Tomioka: The meek have no power and no options! The strong will crush them in every way!
Ukyo Kuonji: Once Tsubasa falls for you, there's nobody more tenacious. Don't bother being subtle. Try a couple of good whacks! Then maybe the dope'll give up.
To Ranma.
Chojuro: Boruto... Your determination is simply naΓ―ve! NaivetΓ© will not stop war!
Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a princess who was held captive. She was imprisoned in the demon king's castle. And with her freedom taken from her, she had no choice but to dance like a puppet to the tune set by the whims of the demon king. One day, a hero came to fight the demon king, seeking to save the princess. However, there was no way the hero could win against the demon king. The hero did not know, you see, that he himself was a puppet created by the demon king.
Far in the future, beyond the end of history, myths are resurrected. They are... terata. They are... giganto.
Botan: Koenma-sama is finally going to remove his pacifier. And when he does... Oh no! I made such a fuss about it, but I don't even know what it means in the least!
Sakyo: As a gambler, the lowest thing I could do is not own up to my loss.
Mytho: It's strange, isn't it? I love everyone in the world and want to protect them... And yet, I also want to make all the world's love my own. I wonder which one is the real me? I want people to love me. But is it okay to just be loved? I don't know. My pride is still lost in the dark...
Norma Selner: They'll meet their demise in the end, and join the countless stars in the night sky. However, when they all become falling stars and streak through the sky like a meteor shower, that's when we'll begin to see... the possibility of a future. That is what poeople call "hope."
Makoto: Destruction and restoration repeat. Since the Big Bang, 13.8 billion years ago, the atoms that make up our bodies have gathered, become stars, burned out, been compressed, and released. Again they form spirals, mix together, then separate. Someday, when life dies out and the Earth comes to an end, we will become part of a great spiral again.
Hibiki: The person I always thought I was wasn't really me. After you arrived, I became me for the first time. It's because you came here.
To Uta.
Kai: Film all you want! All you'll get is footage of yourselves losing!
Undertaker Leader: With increased views, fortunes are rising this month.
Makoto: A spiral. Spirals appear in galaxies, typhoons, and even biomolecules. They're an innate pattern of life.
Satan: Love doesn't exist. There's no such thing as love. Therefore, there's no sorrow. That's what I thought.
Masami Kugimiya: Fujita-kun. I feel like I see my old self in you, and it makes me wanna slap your face.
Akira Komoto: Friendship's more fragile than a bubble.
Gaju Akagi: This is stupid! Just standing straight and walking is more tiring than playin' soccer or freeze tag! Jeez! Whoever gets into this is stupid! But... Teach me everything from how ya stand!
About dancing.
Used Bookstore Owner: There are things that are okay to know and things that are not.
Chise Hatori: Maybe you've suffered more than me or anyone I've ever met. But just because it hurts doesn't mean you can make others suffer with you, or that you can do anything you want!
To Cartaphilus.
Alice: There's a ton of people who can only tread their own path, even when they're shown rails to follow.
Seth Noel: The most important parts of a person seldom change.
Chise Hatori: I want people who smiled at me to keep smiling for me.
Rahab: Welcome, Elias, to this dizzying, disgusting, beautiful world.
Kaname Sengoku: The ideal partnership in a male and female artistic pair sport would be the Flower and Frame. Which is just as it sounds. The women are the flower. The men are the frame. The frame shall enhance the beauty of the flower and should never let it wilt. Depending on the lead, the partner lives or dies.
Mr. Cat: Everybody has times when they feel as if they will never be able to reach their dream. But deciding there is no way you can do something is nothing more than a way of comforting yourself when you lack motivation.

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