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Bason: Tao En is a profoundly cautious man. So why is nobody around?
Yoh: Maybe they're all napping. I mean, I always take a nap around this time of day.
Richard Moore: I wish murders like that only happened in video games and TV shows. Losing someone in real life is nothing like watching it happen on a screen...
Harley Hartwell: There ain't no magic trick ta make yer sin disappear...
Kaito Kid: What's the thrill of knowing what's in the box before you open it?
Conan: Hey, why is this café named Poirot?
Azusa: Oh, the manager is a big fan of mystery novels. Have you heard of Hercule Poirot? He took the name from him! He's that famous chubby detective.
Conan: Oh yeah! I've seen him on TV! The detective in the rumpled raincoat who always says "My wife..."
Azusa: No, no! That's not Poirot! That's Columbo.
Jodie Starling: She already has something I didn't have back then. Something potentially dangerous that could cause a lot of trouble. But something that inspires courage too.
About Anita.
Chisato Nishikigi: Our job is to help those who are in trouble!
Kisara: It's all over! Both of us, penniless? We can't keep living anymore! The only option is for both of us to take some medicine and head over to Heaven.
Shuichi Akai: The great actress Sharon Vineyard was famous for her performance in the play "Golden Apple". You're as beautiful as you were back then... but inside you're wrinkled and rotten!
To Vermouth.
Shija: Since the very start he's been protecting the hag.
Sagiri: I... I'm hardly at an age to be called such a thing.
Shija: Silence. Women are hags, and men are geezers. Not Gabimaru, of course.
Rachel Moore: Courage is a word that gives you the strength to do what's right.
Haibara Ai: Because if I vanish as the dew of the guillotine, like Marie... Maybe this dog, just like loved dog, Tisby, would come after me and throw itself in the seine river...?
About a dog held by her.
Togata: A fire goes out without firewood. People are the same way. You can't keep going without the fuel to live.
Conan Edogawa: Don't run away, Haibara. Don't run away from your fate.
Jodie Starling: A secret makes a woman, a woman...
(Conan puts his glasses on Anita)
Conan: You know what? For some reason, nobody can recognize you with these glasses! Clark Kent would kill for a pair like these, you know?
Anita: Oh... And what are you without the glasses? Superman?
Jimmy Kudo: Theories aren't about winning or losing. It's not a matter of better or worse. In every case... one truth prevails.
To Hattori.
Conan Edogawa: It's infuriating! He warns us of murder and then cooly carries it out!! I won't let him get away with this!!
Conan Edogawa: Wowee! A Game-Man! Yay! Yaiba's Big Adventure! Go Yaiba!! Beat Onimaru!!
Richard: A case is calling me...! Never fear. The great private investigator Richard Moore will look everything over!!
Rachel: "Will overlook everything" is more like it...
Sun: My name's Sun! My favorite food's potatoes an' sweets!
Luna: Live.
To Agni.
Keiki Kiryu: I'm on a date with such a cute girl... Maybe tomorrow is the day I die.
Keiki: Your breasts are touching!
Sayuki: That's not significant.
Keiki: I disagree, your breasts are quite significant...
Rachel Moore: At that moment, I had a strange premonition... that I would never seen Jimmy again... A bad premonition.
When Jimmy runs after the men in black.
Conan Edogawa: My name's Jim— No, it's uh... Conan!!! My name is... Conan Edogawa!!!
Leon: Are you able to feel it, Lance? To witness the tense, still air on the pitch, the opposite from the audience cheering and yelling. Both fantastic, wouldn't you say? But remember, the audience is also a bit cruel. They want nothing more than to see one of us lose, after all! But I love pushing past the fear. I love giving it everything I've got as a trainer! It's the greatest feeling, and I can't get enough of it!
Yuika Koga: Big breasts are the bane of existence for all flat-chested girls.
Edogawa Conan: My name is Shin... No, I mean... Conan!!! My name is Edogawa Conan!!!
Yoh Asakura: At the start, everything was pitch black. All kinds of thoughts came into my head. The more I thought, the worse it got. But then I stopped thinking. I realized all I could do was keep pressing forward. Then things would work out somehow, sometime!
Richard: Forget about him! Detectives are good-for-nothings!!
Rachel: But, dad, you're a detective!
Marin Kitagawa: So he's good looking... Whatever. I can't handle people like that. I mean, I've the got the straps! I'm obvs a fan! It's like... It's not cool to make fun of the stuff people are really into, you know?
In reference to a guy rejected by Marin.
Shinichi Kudo: I don't want to write about detectives... I want to be one!! The Heisei era Sherlock Holmes!!
Bowman: This planet could swallow up and wash away all the prosperity the human intellect has wrought as though it were nothing. No human love or hatred will remain, but life and its workings will. You and I are but single parts of that. And that's why you and I are able to stand upon this earth. Why we can look upon this landscape. And yet, people continue to dig up the past, hungry to reclaim the prosperity of bygone years. After the ancient artifacts were used to gain power, after they were made into weapons, they will be turned on this land before us.
Ena: Well, I'm heading to bed.
Rin: You're sleeping again? Just go ahead and marry your bed.
Ena: No can do. I'm already married to my kotatsu. Such a thing would never be allowed.
Rin: Knock it off with your original soap opera.
Jimmy Kudo: I don't want to write about detectives... I want to be one!! I'm going to be a modern-day Sherlock Holmes!!
Ena: I woke up at three, but the warm embrace of my futon lulled me back to sleep.
Rin: You actually slept fourteen hours?
Rin Shima: I didn't notice it during the day, but when the town lights are hone, it's kinda lonely.
Suzuko Kawahara: You've spent too much time online. You should learn a bit more commonsense.
To Yu.
Rin Shima: The parts you don't plan make the journey more fun... At least, that's what grandpa said.

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