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Drosselmeyer: What calm days. What peaceful days! But they won't continue forever, you know. That's what's so great about stories.
Masamune: Draw!
Ieyasu: I have these! With these fists, I will forge a bond with you as well!
Mytho: You have to be nicer to girls, Fakir.
Murao Jumpei: I got distracted by her panties and followed her here...
Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a man who died. The prince and the raven from the man's story escaped from the story and fought. Their battle ended with the prince taking out his own heart and sealing the raven away by using its forbidden power. The prince, who had lost his heart, met a duck in a certain town. Because of her love for the prince, the duck turned into a princess and gathered together the lost shards of his heart. The prince gradually regained his feelings, and at long last, he was able to regain even the feeling of love. And they lived happily ever after. But did they really? After all, the princess is fated to turn into a speck of light and vanish the moment she tells the prince of her love for him.
Sanji: We must stop him for now! Or the Flower Capital will be in chaos!
Nami: What were you doing at such a serious time?
After visiting the women's bathhouse.
Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a prince who fell in love with a beautiful white swan. However, the prince fell into a foul trap set by the black swan and ended up betraying his beloved white swan. The prince swore his love unintentionally to the black swan. But even so, the white swan abandons herself and tries to protect her beloved prince. Now is the time when the depth of their love will be tried...
Kuwabara Kazuma: Urameshi is the type where the stronger his opponent is, the more fired up he gets, you know? It's a sort of perversion.
Fakir: She couldn't be drowning in there, could she? Can ducks drown? No, knowing her, it's possible.
Urameshi Yusuke: A moment's lapse invites death, huh? And yet, why is it that this is so incredibly fun?!
Princess Kraehe: A single prince has no need of two princesses.
Makoto: No matter how the town changes, we'll just have to go on living here.
Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a handsome slave. What bound him were not heavy chains, but the princess's love. Every day, every night, the princess whispers her love to the slave and the slave responds in kind. Bound body. Bound emotions. The slave or the princess? Which of them is really the one who cannot move?
Fukuda Tatsuya: If you grow up based on someone else's plan, you won't amount to anything.
Drosselmeyer: If you're the knight, you have to conquer your fears and defeat the villain. If you're the villain, you have to kill the princess without mercy. If you're the princess, you have to save the prince with the power of your love. If you're the prince, you have to use your wisdom and courage... Whoops, that's not possible.
Kuwabara: You really are one despicable guy! For feeling around Miyuki's breasts and stuff! What were you planning to do if he was really a woman?
Yusuke: Dummy! In that case, I would have just been glad to have done it, you know?
Duck: Fakir is always thinking by himself, deciding by himself, fighting by himself... By himself... Crying by himself...
Satake Koji: You chose your path knowing what lay ahead. If you're struggling, it means you've chosen the right path.
Edel: The name of this gem is "love." If you like it so much, I shall give it to you. ... However, though this gem is strong, it is easily scarred, though it is beautiful, it is easily tarnished, and if it is fought over, it may sometimes lead to death. Please be very careful in handling it.
Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a maiden with wings of freedom. The man who loved this maiden thought, "If I could just bind those wings, we would never have to be apart, even for a moment." But when the man wrapped the maiden's wings in a magical shawl, the wings fell off almost immediately and the maiden died. The man did not know that the maiden's wings were her source of life.
Duck: If Fakir journeys down the path he believes in, I think he won't regret it, no matter what the outcome. Why not have faith in Fakir?
Genkai: It's only after you think it's hopeless that the real contest begins!
Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a maiden. The maiden wore tattered clothes and was called Cinderella, but she became a beautiful princess by magic and danced with the prince. Then at the stroke of midnight, the maiden left a glass slipper behind and returned to being Cinderella once again. The prince took the trouble to find this maiden and took her as his wife, but... Did the prince really love that maiden?
Yoshitsune Kenta: Don't try to be like me. You're already climbing the ladder you're supposed to on your own.
Fakir: Mytho is changing. Into a Mytho I don't know.
Duck: There are some things that just don't change after a night's sleep.
Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved to dance very much. The girl made the mistake of putting on a pair of red shoes that would force her to dance for eternity once they were on. The girl continued to dance day and night... Oh my. This is a different story. But... Perhaps it is not entirely different after all.
Fukuda Tatsuya: You should be the one to find the answers. If you work something out on your own, you'll never, ever forget it.
Duck: I'm a duck. I'm really only a bird. But what the prince sees is Princess Tutu in her beautiful dress. It's not me.
Mytho: I want to see Tutu. When I think of Tutu, I become filled with the desire to see her. I want to be with Tutu always.
Mytho: When you've ripped out my heart, kiss it for me and dye your lips red with my blood.
Narrator: Long ago, there was a warrior. In order to protect his friend, the warrior took his friend's life. Long ago, there was a sword. This sword had continued to fight for the sake of peace. It realized that in order to protect the peace, it had no choice but to kill the one who wielded it. Thus it took its master's life. The warrior and the sword had no choice but to do as they did, but was that really what they ought to have done? Uncertain of the answer even now, they wander aimlessly.
Mytho: Even if it hurts, when I think of you, I can feel a small light coming to life in my heart. If you disappear, I feel like that light will be extinguished and vanish. I'm afraid of that.
Rue: I've always only had eyes for Mytho. Whether he has a heart or not, it won't change the fact that I love him. And I'll continue to love him. I'm still far from having loved him enough.
Son Goku: Gohan, you ain't giving enough power! Goten, don't be scared! Is it fine with you guys if the Earth is smashed to pieces by Broly?! Can't you protect it if I ain't around?!
Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a child. For the child, the world was filled with wonder. How? Why? How come? When one mystery was solved, two new mysteries would arise. When two mysteries were solved, four new mysteries would arise. When four mysteries were solved, there would be countless mysteries. In time, the child became consumed by these mysteries.
Botan: Even if he couldn't hear your voice, if you share the same thoughts, your feelings would get through! What you felt must have gotten across to him!
Yusuke: To Kuwabara?! Don't say such a disgusting thing!
Rue: Say, Mytho, why don't you partner with her for the pas du deux?
Duck: What? With Mytho?
Fakir: No, Mytho can't. I'll go.
Duck: Why did you get involved?
Paulo: My dream... is to enthrall people all over the world with your dancing. And to do that, I've even thought of the perfect program for you. So, how about it, Paulamoni? Wanna try jumping on the bandwagon of my dream?
Son Gohan: So that's it. You were chasing after Dad. But Dad isn't around any more. So in my dad's place, I will defeat you!
To Broly.

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