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Gabimaru: I am Gabimaru the Hollow! I'm a heartless monster! Try as I might, I can never be human!
Yamada Asaemon Sagiri: Through my job, I've been present during the final moments of many. I've learned to identify how people truly feel when they're dying. A person's true nature is reflected in the blade. Some put up a brave act until just before their death. Some desperately beg for mercy. And some lie to themselves and claim to have accepted death.
Gabimaru: Dreams? Don't have any. Shinobi don't have any great purpose. They just kill as they're told.
David Martinez: Sorry. Wish we could go to the moon together.
To Lucy, while she escapes Adam Smasher.
Tetsushige Tokura: I was six years old when in a memorable summer I found out about hooligan comics. I dreamed of going to the high school full of delinquents where fights would be on the agenda, but... no matter how much I searched, I couldn't find one!
Yamada: It looks like I picked up something weird... If it were a girl, I might be in trouble, but it's a guy, so...
Koichiro Iketani: When Tak drives that thing, it's more than an Eight Six. It's an instrument that shapes the road to its will... Maybe even magical.
Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a man who died. The man tried to keep spinning a story even after his death, but the story just wouldn't move along. The man lost patience and called a duck into the story. The little duck tried her best for the prince, and eventually she transcended her standing in the world and came to love the prince. However, she was only a duck. She was fated to someday turn into a speck of light and vanish. Yes, that was the tear-jerking ending the story had decided on.
Saeko Busujima: One who practices the way of the sword knows its demands. The skill of the wielder! The quality of the sword! And strength of mind!! If these demands are met, a sword will not lose its combative strength, no matter how many people it cuts down.
Kouta Hirano: I can't believe I scored a head shot on a gun I've never even tested out before! I really am a natural at these things.
Aiba Ayame: You understand that the image the society in general holds of a male high school student is that he is an inveterate obscene immoral filth. You know this, right? You see, he's got shitty hair, and his face is full of acne, and he's always wearing his uniform or a jersey, and he stinks of mold all over, and about half of them are otakus and spend all his spare time poring over porn magazines, and is just full of monkey-like animal cunning rather than intelligence.
Itsuki Takeuchi: How can you even call that a car? It's an ancient automatic with a freaking diesel engine. It's not a car. It's an antique!
Gen Nakaoka: As an eyewitness, you can testify to the horrors of the atomic bomb. You can provide the testimony that could save the human race. That makes you more important than the emperor.
Gen Nakaoka: The whole country should be grateful to the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Their sacrifice made it possible for everyone else to survive and sleep peacefully at night. In fact, the whole world should be grateful to them, because Hiroshima and Nagasaki showed everyone just how unspeakable nuclear weapons are. They've helped keep the rest of the world from being destroyed in a nuclear war.
Gen Nakaoka: It's a funny thing. You can see someone just once, and fall so completely in love you can't get her out of your mind.
Palace: He just said something or other about "Saiyans." So I was about to suggest that he ask a vegetable grocer.
Ohta: School's just a warm-up for the real world. A lot of idiots think they've won simply by getting into a top school, but the race doesn't start until you get out into the world โ€” and what counts is staying true to yourself as you run that marathon.
Ryuta Kondo: It's good to have ideals, Gen โ€” but do they bring in any money? Do ideals give you enough to eat?
Gen Nakaoka: Realizing your ideals is what life is all about!
Ryuta Kondo: If we calculate how much energy we wasted on this wild goose chase, how many calories do you s'pose we burned up? I daresay it's equivalent to a whole year's budget for our defeated, impoverished nation, Japan.
Katsuo Aihara: Do you think anything has changed in the history of war since ancient Roman times? People have always tried to force their beliefs on others, so they take turns invading and being invaded. People don't change for the better. The only things that have changed are science and technology, so the only progress you see is in weaponry.
Gen Nakaoka: Ah, the pain of defeat... The war-mongers fight their stupid war and turn us into a country of vegetable-eaters!
Piccolo: I'll mold you into the perfect little demon.
To Pan.
Gen Nakaoka: Stay alive and look straight into the eyes of the people who forced the war and the atomic bomb on us! Don't give up!
Ryuta Kondo: What do you s'pose all these American soldiers come to Hiroshima for? It's like they're enjoying themselves seeing how Hiroshima got all burnt up from the A-bomb they dropped, like it's some kind of tourist attraction...
Gen: You better watch it, Crapamori!
Gankichi: Crapamori? My name's Amamori!
Gen: Well, you look like a piece of crap to me!
Oba: To survive nowadays, you've got to be mean and tough. Better get used to it!
Kimie Nakaoka: I hate the Americans too. They've hurt us so much... But what can we do? We lost the war. We have to forget all that and get on with our lives.
Kimie Nakaoka: They take us for complete fools! First they started the war without telling us anything... only that it was for the sake of the country and the Emperor... And now that Japan has lost, they tell us we have to "bear the unbearable and endure the unendurable..."
Seiji Yoshida: I'm just like all of you... Soon I'll die and be tossed away like an old rag, too... I'm going to show the world your pain, your sorrow, your anger!
Seiji Yoshida: I know I'm going to die soon! But before I do, I want to paint one last picture... I want to paint right up to the very end...!
Kimie Nakaoka: There are so many piles of bodies all over the city... I wonder how many people have died... Hiroshima has become a living hell.
Koji Nakaoka: Why can't everyone think? Use their heads for once? Are they going to be duped by this hoax of a war forever?!
Daikichi Nakaoka: I don't give a damn about the Emperor! We're starving to death! I bet the Emperor's never missed a meal in his life!
Fakir: The real you is a duck. The real me... In the end, the real me has done nothing but be protected ever since I was a kid. I can't protect anyone.
Daijiro Kumai: Kid! You've got to survive! Live and be free like we couldn't be. Help make the world a place where you can marry the girl you love and live happily with your family! That's the best thing a human being can do.
Daijiro Kumai: People are supposed to die of old age, when their time comes! But instead, it's young guys like us who die first! That's not right! Why do the old geezers who started the war and give all the orders get to live longer than us?!
Daikichi Nakaoka: That idiot! Does he really think it takes courage to go to war?! I don't care if people call me a coward or a traitor. What takes real courage is to value life โ€” your own and everybody's!
Daikichi Nakaoka: If we let them take away our pride too, we have nothing left. Maybe I'm just stupid and stubborn. But I'm proud of my way of living.
Daikichi Nakaoka: You really think this war is being fought for all Japanese people? A handful of rich men started this war! They didn't consult us!

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