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Tokugawa Ieyasu: Lord Shingen has the strength of bonds. Lord Shingen's spirit wins the hearts of many, forging bonds with those people. You and I, and the people of Kai. I will go even further! And I hope to forge bonds with all the people of the land of the rising sun!
Kaido: It's always hard to believe... that you're defeated!
Godai Miyako: For a second, Grandmother looked like the Lilac Fairy from The Sleeping Beauty, but she was actually Carabosse, who lives in the haunted house.
Queen: I can't stand people like you fools! You people don't have much ability, just waiting for handouts! When you open your mouths, all you do is complain! Every time you say something, I get the urge to kill you!
Lisa: I guess bombs aren't just scary because they destroy things and lives, are they? For the survivors, they also utterly destroy everything the future once held for them.
Hermia: Your heart gets warm looking at it, doesn't it? It's like it's filled with the feeling of love, somehow. He must have been thinking about somebody while he created it.
Duck: But that might've been you, Miss Hermia!
Arpon: I'm going places, Paifu. You're merely in the way! I'll be the king of fights at Batwing Ridge Elementary Night School!
Paifu: Aren'tcha setting your sights a little low?
Josรฉ: There's only 11 of us...
Mikazuki Subaru: I can't change the past. The same moments from before won't come back. If I reach out my hand... There's someone who'll grasp it for me. When those two hands join, new courage is born, and beyond that, there must be something I can change.
Tora: Meeting a wonderful human changes your fate in a big way.
Kai: Something smells good. It's fluffy like marshmallows. Or a cat's belly? No... These are breasts! How indecent!!
Sanji: I'll polish them off in 10 seconds! Do you have any problem with that?!
Luffy: Yeah! It'll only take three seconds if I help!
Sanji: Only a seven second difference! Why can't you wait?!
Oikawa Natsuki: If I can do something about it by working hard, then it's simple. I'll work as hard as I need to.
Hermia: Love is a wonderful thing, but it also makes people suffer and be sad, right? So everyone has a hard time saying "I love you," and they're all keeping their feelings inside.
Mori Motonari: People do not believe the truth. Truth to them is the reality before their eyes and what they make of it.
Sanji: Why's the gorilla growing out of there?!
Briscola: You think so?! Then why don't you teach me how a gorilla should be... growing out of you?!
Jack: Talk about this in public, and I'll beat you to death.
Kai: You don't have to threaten him like that. We have the army and police behind us... And if they ever knew you spread around this information, you'd probably be captured and simply disappear.
Keith: You just said the exact same thing with more words.
Oikawa Ayako: Having a supportive family is also an important part of talent.
Drosselmeyer: All the shards of the prince's heart have returned to him!
Duck: What? Really? So right now, he's...
Drosselmeyer: That's right, he must be suffering right about now.
Kai: Just living on alone, without a purpose, is tedious.
Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a maiden in love. "I want to tell my beloved how I feel, but my love might be over the moment I say it." Every day she suffered, agonizing in this way. She took no meals, and she was even unable to sleep. And finally, she died without ever having been able to communicate her feelings. But the man she loved married another woman and lived happily ever after, without ever even knowing the maiden had existed.
King: I'm not gonna blame you now. You've always been brainless.
To Queen.
Usopp: Brachio Tank is the world's greatest...
Peter: Mistress, do you think they're dead?
Jill: Don't smile when talking about death!
Sanji: What a pain. Are they all capable of flying?
Robin: If we tear off their wings, they're just caterpillars.
Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a knight. The knight never faltered in his duty, no matter what it was. He did not even falter in taking the life of his lover. That was what he took pride in. But the knight could not do anything but carry out his duty, and even after his death, he still seeks a duty to carry out. They say the knight, who became a ghost and now haunts this world, holds in his hand the blood-stained sword that pierced his lover's breast.
Franky: Ready?!
Brook: Okay, I'm ready.
Franky: You?!
Brook: How about a little bromance?
Franky: Well, okay.
Femio: No word is more unsuited to me than "fear." Well, if there were just one thing I feared... I suppose it would be my own beauty.
Murao Jumpei: It's true that I'm a wild monkey compared to you, and I'm knee-deep in basic training. But you know, while you keep hiding in your room, I'm gonna get better than you.
Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a young man with a beautiful face. The people loved the handsome young man, but he never showed interest in loving anyone. This was because all he loved was himself. When the young man, who neglected to love and sought only to be loved, found someone he truly cared for, he realized that he had lost even the words to express those feelings.
Kuromomotaro: This is a fine sword!
Hiei: If you like it, I'll lend it to you. The rental fee will be your life.
Mytho: Your beautiful heart makes beautiful flowers bloom.
To Freya.
Godai Chizuru: Embarrassment and stubbornness are enemies of growth.
Duck: Miss Freya is what's wonderful. It makes me wish I could become this wonderful. But that wouldโ€“
Uzura: Never happen, zura.
Duck: What? Really?
Uzura: Really, zura.
Duck: Not at all?
Uzura: Not a chance, zura!
Duck: Wait, who are you?!
Hikari: There's nothing embarrassing about saying you love the person you love!
Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved flowers more than anyone. She prayed every day for the whole town to be filled with beautiful flowers. To make that happen, she pulled up all the ugly weeds in town. Eventually the girl's prayers were answered and the town was blanketed in flowers. But they say the town that was filled with blossoms of all colors looked gray somehow.
Murao Jumpei: Being "manly"... Being "cool"... means being able to stick to my beliefs!
Lilie: I just happened to be following Pike, and I just happened to see her meet up with the wonderful Mytho, and then when I just happened to keep following them, they went off to a place where there was absolutely nobody around. Well? Want to just happen to go see?
Kyouma Mabuchi: A robot, afraid of ghosts? Gimme a break.
Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a man who fell in love with a doll. Perhaps the man's love made itself felt, for one day, the doll came to life and began to dance. The man was delighted. He thought a doll would never betray his love, and that now he could have the world's most pure and innocent love all to himself. But the doll, who had been given life, rejected the man's love and fell in love with a different man.
Murao Jumpei: I choose to be cool. I choose to be manly... As I dance in secret... What does it mean to be cool? To be manly?

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