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Utaha Kasumigaoka: You can try to deliver cool lines while in Cowgirl position, but it will still look, you know...
Boris Tepes Dracula: My ancestor, Vlad Tepes Dracula, was a mere mortal. In fact, he was a hero who protected his homeland from a great enemy. Yet despite what he did for them, the foolish and weak-minded masses made him out to be an imaginary beast. A vampire.
Yuri Ushigome: With music, there's no right and wrong. Everyone's going to have a different answer.
Lupin III: The times can change all they want, but a bottle among friends will always taste the same.
Tao Chin: The fields and mountains are beautiful in the day, yet at night they become a world of darkness that instills fear in people. What is considered good and evil too, can be turned on its head as history and perspectives change. Just like light and dark or beauty and ugliness, it's not a question of being only one or the other. In other words, what's important is to have a heart that accepts both sides of the same coin and to maintain a balance.
Kasumi: I'll have a cola, a melon soda, a black tea, and a seaweed tea, please.
Arisa: That will be 1,200 yen, please.
Kasumi: You added that fast!
Arisa: All of the prices are the same.
Tao Ren: It seems that as humans doubt themselves, they can't help but lose sight of the way.
Erika: No matter how hard the winter, spring will always come.
Tao En: Everyone has their own way. And no two ways are ever the same. For after all, people will never understand one another.
Vegeta: Tch, I never got to be King Vegeta.
After the explosion of Planet Vegeta.
Hatsuka: You talk tough and make dirty jokes because you don't know how to be honest about your feelings.
Nazuna: That's... not it... The truth is... I love dirty jokes!!
Hatsuka: Not the big confession I was hoping for...
Anita Hailey: If I died at the gullotine like Marie... maybe Doyle would drown herself in the river seine like Marie's dog Thisbe.
To Doyle, a dog held by her.
Tao En: Everyone has a way down which they should proceed. But the weak, who are afraid to follow that way, become uncertain and deviate to a side road!
Ko Yamori: It's hard for guys and girls to understand each other. But gender isn't everything. I've never met anyone I totally understood. I don't get Nazuna... but I don't get you either. It's not about being a guy. Even if I were girl, I'd still want to fall in love with Nazuna... I think.
To Hatsuka.
Chisato: I can't leave the person in front of me to just die.
Takina: We Lycoris are authorized to kill. Worrying about enemies...
Chisato: Those guys... just happened to be enemies this time. If nobody died in the end, that's good. All's well.
Ayano: That wheedling voice that completely lacks sincerity irritates me!
Shu: I don't think I've change how i speak at all though.
Ayano: What I mean is, you always have irritated me!
Hatsuka Suzushiro: When you get down to it, love is just another brainwashing techinque.
Akihito Akiyama: I'm through with love. It's just an emotional glitch in the brain. It's stupid to let a neurochemical bug control you.
Bardock: Frieza is afraid of the legendary Super Saiyan appearing. ... And he's up to no good. I get the feeling that death is on its way.
Ko Yamori: I'm still a kid. I don't know how the adult world works. I know there are a lot of things I don't understand yet. But this isn't normal adult stuff. Is it? You can't let your boss push you around any time of the day or night! It's 2:00 A.M.! And if we don't fit in, we might as well have fun, right?
Ko Yamori: It's fun being with Nazuna. I'm discovering all kinds of new feelings. But it's... a lot to process. I'm starting to realize that happiness is complicated.
Nazuna Nanakusa: Everybody on the streets tonight... looks like a pathetic loser. Why don't more people enjoy the night?
Ko: I like that one...
Nazuna: Well, duh. Look at her boobs.
Ko: Can you please stop saying "boobs"?
Nazuna: Is that what you're into, Ko? Nice, shy girls with giant bazongas?
Ko: Would it kill you to just say "breasts"?
Nazuna: That wouldn't sound very hot.
About a game character.
Ko Yamori: I'm uncomfortable in large groups of people. I don't know what their intentions are. Being in a big crowd of loud people is my personal hell.
Ko: But school is such a drag...
Akira: You even want to skip school in a game?!
Ko Yamori: This is different from wandering around... looking for Nazuna. I don't usually feel lonely when I'm alone. I feel lonely when I'm with people. Is it like that for other people? Maybe... this feels different... because it isn't random. It's a meaningful solitude.
Ko Yamori: This girl— yeah, okay, vampire— teaches me how to have fun all night long. She loves to cracks jokes about sex. I don't know much about fun, night or sex, so I'm kind of at a disadvantage.
Nazuna: Humans can only create offspring through copulation.
Ko: Don't say "copulate"!
Nazuna: What's the matter? How old are you?
Ko: I'm fourteen...
Nazuna: What?! You're still a little punk! At fourteen, you should be all over talk about copulation and stuff. What's wrong with you?
Nazuna: Okay, let's sleep.
Ko: You're gonna do dirty stuff to me?!
Nazuna: Huh? Nothing dirty. Just a guy and a girl, sleeping on the same futon.
Jodie Starling: It's that air of mystery that makes a woman, you know...
Kazuya Ryuzaki: He can't fight. He's not our enemy anymore.
(Conan puts his glasses on Haibara)
Conan: Did you know? If you put those on the no one will figure your identity! Clark Kent was pretty great at it, wasn't he?
Haibara: Oh my... So without glasses, you're Superman?
Kudou Shinichi: There's no win or loss in this. No higher or lower. Since there's only one truth to begin with.
To Hattori.
Kogorou: A case is callign for me... The great detective Mouri Kogorou!!
Ran: Not "great", but more like "confused"...
Kogorou: Let 'im go! You know there ain't no such thing as a normal detective!!
Ran: You're a detective, aren't you?
Kasumi Toyama: I'm sure it's gonna be really tough, but I want to sparkle and shine on this stage too!
Mouri Ran: Why did I have that feeling...? The feeling that I would never see Shinichi again... A very bad feeling...
When Shinichi runs after the men in black.
Erika: Even if my body leaves this world, my soul will remain with you forever.
Yumi: Hey! Enough about my ex!!
Conan: Nobody asked you for the details...
Tomoya Aki: If even 2D girls stop wanting to go out with me, what can I hope to live for?!

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