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Makoto: A spiral. Spirals appear in galaxies, typhoons, and even biomolecules. They're an innate pattern of life.
Satan: Love doesn't exist. There's no such thing as love. Therefore, there's no sorrow. That's what I thought.
Masami Kugimiya: Fujita-kun. I feel like I see my old self in you, and it makes me wanna slap your face.
Akira Komoto: Friendship's more fragile than a bubble.
Gaju Akagi: This is stupid! Just standing straight and walking is more tiring than playin' soccer or freeze tag! Jeez! Whoever gets into this is stupid! But... Teach me everything from how ya stand!
About dancing.
Used Bookstore Owner: There are things that are okay to know and things that are not.
Chise Hatori: Maybe you've suffered more than me or anyone I've ever met. But just because it hurts doesn't mean you can make others suffer with you, or that you can do anything you want!
To Cartaphilus.
Alice: There's a ton of people who can only tread their own path, even when they're shown rails to follow.
Seth Noel: The most important parts of a person seldom change.
Chise Hatori: I want people who smiled at me to keep smiling for me.
Rahab: Welcome, Elias, to this dizzying, disgusting, beautiful world.
Kaname Sengoku: The ideal partnership in a male and female artistic pair sport would be the Flower and Frame. Which is just as it sounds. The women are the flower. The men are the frame. The frame shall enhance the beauty of the flower and should never let it wilt. Depending on the lead, the partner lives or dies.
Mr. Cat: Everybody has times when they feel as if they will never be able to reach their dream. But deciding there is no way you can do something is nothing more than a way of comforting yourself when you lack motivation.
Kaname Sengoku: We're not at the zoo. This is where dancers fight to win or lose. Get it through your head. You've just stepped onto a battlefield.
Tatara Fujita: If there was just one thing. Something that I could say I loved. I could change.
Duck: Fakir is strong. Even if he's not carrying a sword, Fakir is Mytho's knight.
Jin Akira: I'm afraid to take my eyes off her. I worry that if I'm not looking, she'll stop breathing and turn into a lifeless body.
Samuel Hunter: Wolves are marvelous creatures.
Akira Inugami: Even if you can kill me, you can never make me obey you.
Inugami Akira: I'm a wolf! I don't owe the humans anything.
Jin Akira: Trying to give commands to a wolf is pointless.
Jin Akira: I have a lot of pride. I don't like people talking at me when I can't reply.
Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a princess raised by loving parents. One day, the princess snuck past the guard at the gate and slipped out of the castle for the very first time. However, no matter how far she went, outside the castle, there was only an endless forest as black as pitch. Before she knew it, the princess ended up unable to either escape the forest or return to the castle. In that kingdom, the inside of the castle was the entire world.
Miki Makimura: Why do I run? I don't know the reason. I just like to. Even just a little, just a tiny bit farther. If I go forward, I feel like something will change. It's trivial. Even if it's just a little bit. Even just a little. Even the smallest bit.
Mr. Cat: Lately, you are even more lacking in concentration than you were before. It almost seems as though you have lost your eagerness. Is it possible you that have decided you cannot do anything, and so you are not trying to move forward?
Miki Makimura: When Akira cries, it's always for someone else. He doesn't cry at all when he's sad himself. He's strong. He has a strong heart. But he mostly cries for other people. If more people in the world were like Akira... I think everyone would be happy.
Pan: Girls, you see, get stronger once they're crying!
Kaim: Silene. Even covered in blood... you are the vision of beauty.
Koenma: The ambitions of a man who does not care about self-preservation... They bring about tremendously destructive actions that engulf not only those around them, but themselves as well.
Silene: Wake up, Amon! Embrace me. Make love to me. Strong...and hard!
Boruto Uzumaki: You can't know people are sketchy just by looking at them.
Devilman: I'm not a devil. I'm... Devilman!
Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a man who died. All the stories the man spun came true, so the king, the nobility, and the kingdom's rich all went to him to get him to write them stories. But when their wishes were granted they feared his power, and began to abhor him. So when the man died, the people rejoiced that a source of misfortune had gone. No one heard the sound of the dead man's scornful laughter.
Keiichi Akagi: Prayer... Like a small lantern on the prow of a tiny ship sailing the dark seas... it provided a faint, flickering glow to light the way ahead.
Kurama: To think that he would fall into the trap on his own!
Hiei: He truly is a fool.
Genkai: No, he's a fool and an idiot.
About Kuwabara.
Mr. Cat: Students of mine are getting married before me! There is no happier thing for a teacher than this!
Nadi Olowokandi: My country is what they call a "failed state." They call it a country without a future. But even so, that country is my home.
Katakura Kojuro: Maybe you're capable of deceiving others, but it looks like you can't fool your own heart. Otani, right now, you're the kindest man alive.
Genkai: You're the one who said I was taking up for justice, but that's not at all what I am after. It just happens to be that there are a lot of villains among those I don't like.
Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a young woman. The young woman was to marry a groom chosen by her parents, and not her sweetheart, whom she loved. She knew that her groom loved her very much, but did her sweetheart care for her even more than that? The young woman wasn't certain. In the end, after wavering between the two of them, the young woman even became unsure which one of them she really loved.

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