Anna Kyōyama quotes from Shaman King (newest)

Anna Kyoyama: I hate guys like that who make a show of how passionate they are.
Anna Kyoyama: He's a fool whose stupidity can't be cured by 1,000 years or even death itself. He's a stubborn, petty, sweet little sleeping princess.
About Hao.
Anna Kyoyama: For people, living means battling. However trivial, the more people long for happiness, the greater the unhappiness they find.
Anna Kyoyama: As long as Yoh and I are around, this world will never come to an end!
Anna Kyoyama: Honestly! Everyone's such a pain in the ass. If you've got a problem, don't just talk. Do something about it!
Tamao: Jun and Pyron sure are close, aren't they, Ms. Anna?
Anna: He's married with kids, the dirty cheat!
Anna Kyoyama: The truth is never better than what you hope it is.
Horohoro: Those guys are dangerous!
Anna: No, you're weak.
Ren: You're just a fool, that's all.
Yoh: I haven't seen Ren look like he's having such a good time in ages. It's cute when he gets like this.
Anna: "Cute"?
Anna Kyoyama: Don't worry about it. I'm Yoh's fiancée, and you're just a fan.
To Tamao when she confessed that she loves Yoh.

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