Lyserg Diethel quotes from Shaman King (newest)

Lyserg Diethel: Winning a battle doesn't mean defeating your opponent. It means being able to have a smile on your face afterward.
Lyserg Diethel: When the day comes, I will defeat you! Make the most of what little time you have left! Now if you want to get in the bath, get in!
To Hao in the hot spring.
Lyserg Diethel: I joined the X-Laws to defeat Hao. That sentiment hasn't changed. But it's no longer driven by a desire for revenge. I fight because he can't be allowed to go unchecked. All the same, I don't know if my actions can truly be called just.
Lyserg Diethel: That way we could understand each other. Only then can we form a true bond of friendship.
Lyserg: I'm going to help Ryu!
Yoh: Forget it. If you get your angel out, they won't get out of this unscathed. Then someone else will come along to get even. It will never end.
Lyserg Diethel: There are lots of people in this world on whom no logic will work. I think the wicked people in society are the ones who won't reflect on their actions after hurting others. The incorrigibly wicked ought to be put to death.

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