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Len Tao

Tao Ren: That was your intention from the start too, right, Yoh? You've been evasive about it this whole time, but we've known each other for a long time now. The fool's so damn foolish that the power of his thoughts is much too strong. I finally see for myself that this is the only thing for it.
Ryu: It's all my fault for being so damn weak... Faust!
Faust: How can I help you, Ryu?
Ryu: Faust?
Faust: Faust's spirit, to be precise.
Ren: He's dead, that's all.
Horohoro: Don't tell me this still surprises you?
Len Tao: Lack of punctuality is merely a lack of respect!
Tao Ren: It seems that as humans doubt themselves, they can't help but lose sight of the way.
Tao Ren: If suppressing your heart won't make it go away, then set it free!
Yoh: Wake us up so we don't oversleep, okay, Amidamaru?
Amidamaru: Glad to be of service after so long.
Ren: Bason. I don't trust him on his own.
Bason: Your old faithful Alarm Bason, my liege.
Ren: I'm sure you feel good for saving me, but as far as I'm concerned, this is just one more thing I owe you for.
Yoh: But if you died, I could never call those favors in.
Ren: If you adults are so powerful, why do you pin your hopes on children?
Mikihisa: Because we can see our own ceilings. Everyone becomes aware of it one day once they've grown up. The ceiling looming over their heads represents their own limits. And the older you get, the closer it comes, each stain and smudge getting ever clearer.
Hao: I only want to talk.
Ren: I'll pass. You're full of crap.
Horohoro: Those guys are dangerous!
Anna: No, you're weak.
Ren: You're just a fool, that's all.
Tao Ren: I despise the Tao Family. As soon as the Tao Family's revenge and revival are achieved, there will only be some new object of hatred. So I'm going to sever this chain of hatred with my own two hands! And I don't care even if that means the annihilation of the Tao Family! I will become the Shaman King and destroy all the fetters of this world!
Tao Ren: In this world, hatred continually breeds yet more hatred. I will try to change that, even if it costs my life.
Yoh: Is it just me, or are you a little taller than you were before?
Ren: Of course, I am! I drink three glasses of milk a day!
Ren: What a whiny bunch of pests you are. The car was simply in my way.
Delinquent A: What? So you thought you'd kick it? Are you soft in the head?
Delinquent B: Call us pests, will you?
Ren: That thing coughs out exhaust fumes that pollute the air and make it hard to see the stars. What are you to this planet, if not pests?

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