Sanji quotes from One Piece (newest)

Sanji: I'll polish them off in 10 seconds! Do you have any problem with that?!
Luffy: Yeah! It'll only take three seconds if I help!
Sanji: Only a seven second difference! Why can't you wait?!
Sanji: Why's the gorilla growing out of there?!
Briscola: You think so?! Then why don't you teach me how a gorilla should be... growing out of you?!
Sanji: What a pain. Are they all capable of flying?
Robin: If we tear off their wings, they're just caterpillars.
Sanji: We must stop him for now! Or the Flower Capital will be in chaos!
Nami: What were you doing at such a serious time?
After visiting the women's bathhouse.
Sanji: This is no time to relax and go whale watching! Even if we've escaped the whirlpool, we're still in plenty of danger here! First of all, did anyone get washed away in the current just now? Let's do a head count! Nami!
Nami: Here.
Sanji: Robin!
Robin: I'm here.
Sanji: Okay, next we've gotta get away from here! If any of those huge whales crash into us, the ship will be smashed!
Chopper: Count us, too!
Usopp: Sanji, the other 6 of us are alive!
Sanji: Nami, orders?
Nami: We're fine where we are.
Sanji: You here that? We're fine where we are, you idiots! Now, let's go whale watching!

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