Lupin III quotes from Lupin the 3rd: The Castle of Cagliostro (newest)

Lupin Sansei  ·  Lupin the Third

Lupin: First things first, we're getting out of this castle. I'm counting on you, Jigen. Goemon.
Jigen: Leave it to us. We'll hold them off here.
Clarisse: Gentlemen. I beg of you to be careful. And you, too, Noble Jigen. Please make certain that you return safely. I will never forget this debt of gratitude.
(Lupin and Clarisse leave)
Jigen: She called me Noble Jigen.
Goemon: A lovely lady...
Jigen: Let's get this started!
Lupin the Third: The girl believes in the evil sorcerer's powers, and yet, she would not try to believe in the thief's powers. If the girl would only believe, the thief would be capable of flying the skies or even drinking the lake dry!
Zenigata: Stop this wedding!
Rebecca: Who is that, your boyfriend?!
Lupin: Of course not!
During Lupin and Rebecca's wedding.
Lupin III: The times can change all they want, but a bottle among friends will always taste the same.
Lupin Sansei: Well, stealing is more fun when you have a rival.

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