Hideo Azuma quotes from Disappearance Diary (newest)

Hideo Azuma: It's not like it happened all of a sudden. Indeed, the scary thing is that dependence creeps up on you!
Hideo Azuma: The sound of my own voice saying I'm going insane keeps ringing in my head! It's making me feel sick! Feeling sick is making me go insane!
Hideo Azuma: When I was homeless I wanted to start working. When I did physical work, I wanted to become an artist.
Hideo Azuma: The great thing about physical work is you sleep real well afterwards.
Hideo Azuma: Rain, cold, and the summer heat are the toughest for the homeless.
Hideo Azuma: Since I almost never talked to anyone else, I created another me and would talk to him.
Hideo Azuma: If you think about it, the time I was homeless, I actually had a healthier lifestyle. Early to bed, early to rise, good food, good digestion, "worked" when fine, read when wet.
Hideo Azuma: When I woke up from my dream of being battered by a cold wind, I was being battered by a cold wind! It totally failed to fulfill its duty as a dream!
Hideo Azuma: Swiping food from a homeless person is just about the lowest, most forbidden thing a human can do.
Hideo Azuma: There's nothing better in the world than sleep. All the fools get up to work.
Hideo Azuma: I hung myself using the slope of the mountain. But I just ended up falling asleep.

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