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Hitori Gotō

Hitori Gotoh: The sports festival: the number one-source of school trauma for introverts. Parentheses, based on Japanese Introvert Society poll, close parentheses. A heinous ritual in which those with no athletic ability are shunned, and even their right to exist is stripped away. Not only during school hours, but afterward too, they are forced to perform slave labor, creating banners and practicing cheers!
Ryo: Write what you want to write.
Hitori: But if I do that, I'll write bitter, social-outcast lyrics—
Ryo: But won't it be hilarious if a normie sings that?
Hitori Gotoh: I've never taken pictures with friends before. Since... I never had friends before.
Hitori Gotoh: I want to make the effort to change, even if only gradually, and enjoy it with the rest of them.
Hitori Gotoh: Maybe even someone like me can shine if I'm in a band!

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