Chitanda Eru quotes from Hyouka (newest)

Eru Chitanda

Chitanda Eru: It's true that ten years from now, I might not care, but the feelings that I'm having now— They're something that I don't want to think will mean nothing in the future.
Hotaro: If you were to use the book for something other than reading, how would you use it?
Mayaka: If you stack a few of them up, it might make a good pillow.
Satoshi: If you put it on your arm, it would serve as a shield.
Hotaro: Think about this more seriously.
Chitanda: He's right. There must be some way that this book in particular is being used.
Satoshi: Okay, Chitanda-san, what do you think?
Chitanda: Let's see. If you make a stack of them, they could serve as pickle press.
Chitanda Eru: Our days being spent aimlessly is not productive.

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