Daikichi Nakaoka quotes from Barefoot Gen (newest)

Daikichi Nakaoka: I don't give a damn about the Emperor! We're starving to death! I bet the Emperor's never missed a meal in his life!
Daikichi Nakaoka: That idiot! Does he really think it takes courage to go to war?! I don't care if people call me a coward or a traitor. What takes real courage is to value life — your own and everybody's!
Daikichi Nakaoka: If we let them take away our pride too, we have nothing left. Maybe I'm just stupid and stubborn. But I'm proud of my way of living.
Daikichi Nakaoka: You really think this war is being fought for all Japanese people? A handful of rich men started this war! They didn't consult us!
Daikichi Nakaoka: Whenever the military grabs political power, the world becomes a dark, terrifying place.

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